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Current Leader Maria Sandoza
Headquarters Mexico City, Mexico
Nickname Purifiers
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Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de María

The first incarnation of the Sabbat Inquisition was created in 1804 by Priscus Gustav Mallenhaus, after a run-in with demon cultists in Europe. With the assistance of the Shepherds of Caine, he ran the first Inquisition War Party. Soeur Jeanne of the Shepherds of Caine took the position of leadership when the Inquisition first became an institution. At the peak of her power, she had fifty Inquisitors serving under her before they fell pray to the Sabbat Civil War. By 1900, it was impossible to tell if the Inquisition was hunting political rivals or Infernalists.

In 1911, the Inquisition was reforged by a man named Julian, who met with the Shepherds of Caine and came up with a plan for the Inquisition. He and Alfred Benezri created a formula for a smaller crusade. Julian held the position of Grand Inquisitor from 1924 to 1970, when he met Final Death.

The position of Grand Inquisitor remained under contention for three years after Julian's destruction, until Maria Sandoza took the position. Sandoza has led the Inquisition ever since, slowly growing the Faction from the then-fifteen Inquisitors to thirty, in large part due to the new success of the Faction within the Sabbat.

Important Locations

Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico

The Inquisition makes its home in one of the largest Sabbat cities in the world: Mexico City. As the city is the heart of the Sabbat, so is it the heart of the Inquisition. Mexico City is home not only to the Grand Inquisitor, Maria Sandoza, but also the Faction which she leads.

Other Locations

Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de María (Mexico City, Mexico)

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City (or as it is officially named, Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de María) is located in downtown Mexico City and is the oldest and largest Roman Catholic Cathedral in the Americas. No wonder the Inquisition calls it home, heavily influenced by the religious nature of both the Faction and the Sabbat as a whole.

Underneath the Cathedral is another layer. The Crypt of the Archbishops, as the kine call it, houses several remains of the mortal Archbishops of Mexico. However, what the mortal population doesn't know is that the underground crypt also is the spiritual center of the "Holy Order," as much as Mexico City is the heart of the Sabbat.

While most Cainites have never (and will never) see the inside of the crypt nor the beautiful inner sanctuaries home to members of the Inquisition hidden inside, the Cathedral is still one of the most sacred of grounds for those within the Inquisition.

Palacio Nacional (Mexico City, Mexico)

The National Palace (Spanish: Palacio Nacional) is both the political center of Mexico City, but also a support center for the Inquisition. Here, found in Mexico's State Archives, are rumored the archives and center of knowledge for the Inquisition. Though strangely secular in comparison to the Inquisition's usual themes of Catholicism and Religion, the Palacio Nacional is still an important site for the function of the Faction as a whole.

Prominent Members

Current Leader: Maria Sandoza, the Grand Inquisitor

Other Members:

Globally Important

Nationally Important

Regionally Important

Locally Important

OOC Note

OOC: If you believe the information listed here is incorrect or you believe your NPC/PC should be listed among the members, please contact the Sabbat Team member in charge, listed at the top of this page.

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