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Rochester, New York

In August 2009, Archbishop Dostoyevsky sent out a call to the Sabbat that he would be leading a raid on the Camarilla stronghold of Rochester, NY and that those who wished to take part in the siege should gather in London, Ontario. Many answered the call. Forces gathered. Plans were made. In October 2009, battle was waged as a mass of Sabbat stormed the city, forcing out most of the Camarilla residents. A few remained in hiding, namely the former Prince Hugo Warrington and several members of the court. One by one, the remaining Camarilla were routed out and defeated, the final being Hugo Warrington's clone in August 2011 after the former Prince had fled the city. As it stands now, the city is entirely under Sabbat control. The city is currently run by Archbishop Trigvasson and the Bishops Winter, Faruk, and Armand Renoir.

Rochester is a city known for strange happenings. A massacre during Halloween in 2010 wiped out much of the children of the city. Former Prince Warrington set off a blood plague (now cured) in an effort to drive the Sabbat from the city. There's rumors of two Lupine factions warring outside the city, of Naga living under the city, of Hunters in yellow vans capturing supernaturals, and of sentient trucks filled with rednecks blowing up parts of the city.

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