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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
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Status 13
Domain Lexington, KY
Pack None
Path Honorable Accord ••••
Faction Order of St. Blaze
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CW At the Madison Palla Grande


Alias(es): None

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid 30's

Concept:Baptist Preacher Turned Sabbat Clergy

Physical description: A thin, wiry man of Mississippi extraction, C.W. manages to give off an aura of proud confidence that made him a successful preacher in both life and death. At times, he can seem either terrifying while informing you of your vast sins against God and Caine, and at other times almost fatherly in concern for his 'brothers and sisters in faith'.

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Known History

Little is known of C.W.'s history prior to his arrival in the Ohio region in 2010. He spoke of a former pack that had been decimated, and its survivors having split apart while C.W. took to 'listening for God's plan for me' , bringing him to the state. Before long, C.W. found himself Ductus of the reorganizing Abrasive Solutions pack, joined by the Bishop Marcus Wade and the feared Gargoyle, Miro. However, later that year the Inquisition cut a bloody swath through the Springfield region killing Wade and resulting in Miro leaving the region to serve the Regent of the Sabbat. Abrasive Solutions was reformed with C.W. taking on a number of new arrivals and freshly Initiated childer in hopes of educating them where others had refused to provide it.

In February 2011, C.W. was named the new Bishop of Springfield under Archbishop Victor Agbe. While in the position he attempted to control the often obstinate and dangerously wild packs that had shattered the Silence of the Blood in the area, bringing the negative attention of Cardinal Count Radu Bistri. While he successfully led the dioceses to abrogating its previous excess, while on a trip to Lexington in order to bring a closer connection with the nearest friendly territory, he was beset by Lupines and forced to retreat into torpor to evade them. When he awoke, months had passed, he had been removed as Springfield's Bishop. CW took this as a sign from God that it was His Will for him to move on to Lexington, and C.W. did so, moving to the area officially, but was unable to find a pack that would remain intact for very long.

In November 2011, C.W. was named a Templar to the newly elevated Priscus Loki, and has served as his eyes and ears in the Lexington and Springfield area he once frequented. In July 2012 after a period of remaining packless, he put aside his differences with Frank Siegler and Edward the Saint to form the The Corps. In September , he became Ductus of The Corps, a pack that remained in place until April of 2013.

C.W. has espoused a kind of 'Ventrue elitism' and a desire to bring the clan into prominence in the Sabbat. He found a kindred spirit in Benjamin Miller when he arrived in Lexington to join the Sabbat, and went out of his way to assist in bringing his clanmate through the initiation process. In may of 2013, C.W. was selected as Bishop of Lexington.

Most recently, C.W. has become a vocal opponent of the Keys of Solomon, and has demanded an accepted Monomacy challenge against their ductus Malaki al-Zin be honored. He was thwarted in his effort to bring that ritae to fruition for months, including an attempt by the Inquisition to torpor him to prevent it, but C.W. took to the 'bully pulpit' and forced the hand of the Inquisition to grant the challenge. On June 1st, CW was victorious against Malaki al-Zin, earning his Undefeated name.




Cathayn Quintoch MacNeil

Victor Agbe


Kitty Devareaux


Kurt Mehmet

Benjamin Miller

Ianto St. John


Don Antonio Esperanza de Castilla Nevarra


Edward the Saint

Frank Siegler


"The Camarilla...they are whores. Jezebels. They prostitute themselves for ancients that would destroy us all. They are filth that defiles God's great creation it it is our duty to bring their corruption into the searing light of truth."

"Son, if you don't knock that off, I will hit you so hard you will feel the presence of God."

"I do not make deals with the Camarilla, in the same way I would not make deals with demon mongering whores. They defame God's creation and their fate is either repentance or destruction. It is His will!"

"Faith is both a weapon and a shield. Mr. Porter is, thereby, far better equipped than most." -The Flenser


C.W. is rumored to only feed from the devout.

It is said that C.W. struggles with his path on occasion due to the adherence necessary to the Code of Milan, as he has a habit of killing Cainites he sees as 'wastes' or 'failures' without notice.

Despite his occasional temper, C.W. seems to have a fatherly regard for his pack priest Miriam, childer of the departed Marcus Wade.

Porter's "faith" is just a front. He's, in truth, a self-indulgent Catharist who never practices what he preaches.

Porter's "faith" is just a front. He's, in truth, an infernalist that wants to corrupt the sword through disguising his intentions.

What do you think C.W. stands for? Christopher Walken. Yes, the actor. Vicissitude can do some amazing things.

C.W. is afraid to directly attack the Camarilla, he instead culls those who stray from the pack.

It is unknown what might have happened between Don Antonio Esperanza de Castilla Nevarra and C.W., but the later obviously has a grudge with the former.

In standing up to one of C.W.'s tirades, allegedly Orbis Vinco gained C.W.'s respect, which has caused the latter to become more devoted to his path and less confrontational with others.

C.W. seems to have a grudge with the Lasombra, constantly taking positions that oppose them politically.

It seemed very odd that C.W. formed a pack with Edward the Saint and Frank Siegler after fighting with them publicly. Is what they say about sect unity true, or is he simply trying to keep his enemies close?

C.W. has embellished the results of every fight he's ever been in.

Despite the sect's apparent overall desire to adhere to the Treaty of Fire, C.W. vocally opposes it whenever possible and advocates full scale war with the Camarilla.

At the Midwest Palla Grande, C.W. was seen getting into an extended conflict with Lewis after the Pander insulted C.W's lineage. It eventually spilled out into a full scale brawl outside, which concluded with Lewis fleeing for his life while C.W. mockingly chased him screaming 'Squeal like a pig, boy!'

C.W. is currently ducking a Monomacy challenge he foolishly made against Malakai, ductus of the Keys of Solomon. It was only thanks to Lewis's advice that he smartly withdrew his challenge at the list minute.

In reality, C.W. doggedly attempted to fulfill his challenge, and has never withdrawn it. The failed recollection of Lewis is more likely to the brain damage he suffered from the beating C.W. put on him earlier. Now that C.W. has completed the challenge, it is highly likely he is going to deliver on to Lewis another righteous ass kicking.

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