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Clan Lasombra
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Status 4
Domain Decatur, IL
Pack ???
Path Power and the Inner Voice ••
Faction ???
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Player Angela Allen
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Bernice Carter

Bun, Miss Shadow

Real Name: Bernice Carter

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Concept: Prohibition era, stay at home mom. Cute, but murderous.

Physical description: She dresses in the manner of a 1920's lady.

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Character Information

Known History

In her mortal days, Bernice ran a gin joint in the early 1920's with her husband. At the time, she did not know that a certain individual was wanting a cut of their earnings, and was thus possessing her husband in an attempt to take control of the operation. After some time, this man set his sights on taking Bernice for himself and turning her into a vampire.

He whisked her away one evening, staging a grisly murder at the hands of her husband. Once the deed had been done, he imprisoned her in a fortified cellar while one of his other childer taught her about her new condition. This was Ann, and Bernice forged an everlasting friendship with her. After many years of abuse at the hands of her sire, Rourke, Bernice decided that enough was enough and made a snack out of him one day while he slept.

She left his mansion and sought out the Sabbat on her own. Later, she would learn the truth about Rourke possessing her husband to make him hurt her, and she remembered that her son, Mordecai was still alive. She tracked him down and after a quick, and brutal reunion, she embraced him.

Years later, Bernice would serve as a Templar under Bishop Octavian, in Decatur, IL. This however, came to and end when Bernice was pulled into the Abyss one night, and did not return for a year and a day. She attributes this to her abuse of the Abyss' powers and feels she has been cursed by it. She is mainly a recluse now. Only coming out for the random Palle Grande.


currently seeking a new pack





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