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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
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Status 2
Domain Lexington, KY
Pack Black 13
Path Metamorphosis
Faction None
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Player Jason Ruth
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Alias(es): Miller

Real Name: Presumably Benjamin Miller

Apparent Age: Mid to late 20's

Concept: Dark Crusader, Philosopher of Change.

Physical description: A pale, cold-eyed, dark haired man that emanates an aura of palpable cold. Sometimes his shadow will play strange strange tricks, and he will rarely seem to talk quietly to it. Always clothed in a black dress shirt, jeans, and a black leather biker jacket. He rarely smiles, and if he does it never reaches his eyes.

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Character Information

Known History

It has been a long and convoluted road that has lead to this point.

The Kindred known as Benjamin Miller first arrived in the New World in 2001. He came over to assist his Sire in running her import/export business, and established himself in Baltimore, MD. The Baltimore of the early 2000’s was very volatile, and after several coups in succession he fled to the District of Columbia. There he met the Ventrue Marshal Duran/Corbin Drake. Together they went and re-took Baltimore.

After a short time, Duran’s demons caught up to him and he was taken by Ventrue Justice. This left Miller Prince of Baltimore. Disastrously, he was not strong enough to control the egos of his court. He was walked over, ignored, and ultimately coerced into allowing the murder and attempted cover-up or Mason Laidlaw. The resulting scandal lead to abdication. This experience scarred Miller.

After time in Europe, Miller returned to the United States. Taking up as Sheriff in Philadelphia, Miller was a different creature. Wild and reckless, he seemed determined to end himself. He would walk through Sabbat held territory banging pots and pans. He hunted Garou naked, with nothing but his claws and a silver dinner knife. Once he sparked a city-wide race riot to cover an attack. After a time, though, he grew less crazed. Slowly, he became more and more restrained. More cold. In time he would be well known for his icy self control and his disdain for “Human Emotion”.

During this time, he started a partnership with two Brujah: Jacen Pompeii and Garret Dannington. In time this would morph into a “Power Coterie” that would include several potent members and would control several Domains of the Mid-Atlantic.

Soon, Miller returned to the Throne of Baltimore. A year into his new reign saw him “Assassinated”. After an eight month absence, he suddenly reappeared with no memory of the event or the time passed, and took back the throne of Baltimore.

Miller ran Baltimore with an iron fist. He kept the officers of his Court between him and the day to day running of the Domain. It was whispered that his entire Praxis was merely a sociological experiment. And with the mundanities of running a city handled by others, it was whispered that he filled his time with…other experiments. Many KNEW that Miller collected the torpid bodies of Vampires…but what he DID with them was nothing but wild speculation.

Going into the events that led to his abdication would be messy and long. The simple version is Calliope Van Horne brought a squad of Settites (led by the infamous Deacon St. Croix) and assaulted him in his Elysium. At the end of the fight, there were no casualties. And, surprising many, instead of simply marching back and re-taking the throne from the now fled usurper…he did not. He encouraged another to claim the Domain, stepped aside, and began to divorce himself from the day to day running of the empire he had help build.

He watched the “Shadow Coterie” collapse, and did nothing. Powerful Camarillians reached out to him, and he ignored them. He was placed on trial in abstentia, along with his associates, in a Conclave. And he ignored it. He was summoned to his Justicar. And he did not go. Instead, he sat and meditated. He had long since begun the process of divorcing himself from the temporal world and from his Humanity. So instead of taking up offers of amnesty, and instead of carving a trail of bloody vengeance, he took these events as a blessing. Now free of temporal requirements, and no longer interested in maintaining a veneer of Camarilla respectability, he threw himself into his studies.

After two years of solitary meditations and contemplation in “a cave”, Miller felt that he had hit a metaphysical brick wall. Also, his anger at the waste and rot of what was once the Clan of Kings festered. So, finally, he made a decision: He would endeavor to join with the Sword of Caine. This would accomplish his two main goals. To evolve into the perfect Vampire…and beyond. And to give him the resources needed to purge his Clan. He entered Lexington unannounced with the words "I am Benjamin Miller. Take me to whomever is in charge, as I wish to join with the Sword of Caine", and in early July 2012 he received the Creation Rites.

And now, as True Sabbat, Benjamin Miller walks back into the night…


Black 13




Benjamin Miller, House of the Drake


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