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Clan Toreador Antitribu
Sect Position Templar
Pack Position Priest
Status 10
Domain Ohio
Pack Obstinance
Path Allied Night ••
Faction Order of Saint Blaise
Faction Importance National
Player WBruno




Ava Maria

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid twenties

Concept: Dedicated deranged do-gooder

Physical description: Once, Ava Maria drifted in a sea of silks and laces from the height of fashion during the French Revolution (where she is on the losing end.) Her hair was coiffed and powdered with ribbons that match her silks. As if these absurdities are not enough, half of her face was tattoo'd in black abstract etching. Now, she varies between her classical silks, and a black and gold corset with a long black skirt.

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:'8'

Reputational Status:'4'

Accomplishment Status'2'

Character Information

Known History

Ava Maria claims to have been mildly famous in New York for her live portrayals of historic events and lavish parties. Some fateful night she was not invited to exhibit in a show she believes was being hosted by Toreador sisters. So she hosted her own show across the street, featuring her favorite art of Anatomical Venuses (who just happened to be more flesh than wax). Maria claims it was sabotaged and pretty soon the media was reporting "zombies" near MoMa. For the grievous accidental breach of the Silence, Maria was banished from the area by her ductus "until there is no mention of this event on the internet."

She stupidly thought that would be a week or two.

Ava Maria has since been informed the internet is eternal.

Since moving to Ohio, Maria has become the organizing center of any social gatherings and is forcing her diocese to begin observing all Sabbat holidays.

She joined The Sound and the Fury under the Ductus Eidolon's suggestion, but he soon left the Pack.

She joined the Order of Saint Blaise under her priest Beauregard Early's suggestion, but he soon was removed as her priest. He eventually left the pack, which distressed Maria greatly.

The pack changed its name to Metaphor under the leadership of Kevin. Maria was named pack priest. Her dedication to ritae caused strife, making first Lilly and then Tananda leave the pack. Kevin next left when Maria chastised him for asserting Auctoritus Ritae are optional. Maria became Ductus in Kevin's absence, and began to train Carter as pack priest. Carter was murdered by hunters and Maria nearly lost her unlife in the fight, too. This left just Charlie and Maria left of Pack Metaphor.

In early 2017, Maria disbanded Metaphor to form the new pack Obstinance with Mark Miller, Marcus, and John the Gangrel. An invite to join was extended to Charlie and Crates.

Maria abducted a Kindred for the 2017 Festivio Rat Race, but during its capture, her packmate John turned on her and began to diabolize her for unknown reasons. He also stopped for unknown reasons. She survived through Aegis and him stopping.

During a spat between the Order of Saint Blaise and Pack Annihilation, Maria's haven was burned and her ghouls assaulted. She is yet to recover her loses. She has since lost every haven she owns due to hunters, Camarilla members, and Sabbat snafus.

Maria quickly rallied the Order of Saint Blaise to cover the Aztec Shadow Gods who attacked Bucyrus, and was recognized for her actions by Archbishop Spielman.

She proudly built a Cathedral designed by Meredith Perry (fame 5 architect); which plays craft x5 / expression x5 natural music, and features a Rose Window (craft x 5) by Fei Yun He, in Washington Courthouse, Ohio. This served as the Midwest Chapterhouse of the Order of Saint Blaise until it was razed in April 2017 by Columbus Prince Eric Kein.

The Ministers of the Order of Saint Blaise elected Maria as their Chancellor in 2016. Since then, she has faithfully worked towards increasing the reach and fame of each member of her congregation, and those of other congregations who show interest in herding kine.

She dreams of crafting the best tasting vitae.

Priscus Vykos noticed her when she argued for a change to the Montreal Accord regarding the Silence. It offered her a position as its templar for her well spoken eloquence.


Former Packmates

Ezekiel (deceased)
Tananda Price
Beauregard Early
The Eidolon (deceased)







None known

Character Inspirations

Clueless, Vamps, Anatomical Venus


"Ave Maria" hymn


"The internet is eternal? ... Good thing I am too."

"I'm Ava Maria, you haven't heard of me? The kine even sing hymns to me in churches named after me!"

"Every vampire is insane in some way, Mark."

"Yes, beloved."


There are few or no Toreador in New York -- some Toreador Antitribu must have crossed Ava Maria.

Maria is a stickler for following all ritae.

Maria seems obsessed with the taste of kine, Cainites, and everything else for that matter.

Rumors circulated she was blood bound to her priest, which she for awhile adamantly denied. Under Ductus Kevin, Tananda and Judge Inquisitor Meredith Perry investigated and found Maria to be not only blood bound, but also dominated into many activities. Bishop Ferghus Finn set punishment on Beauregard for this, although Maria continues to be adamant she, too, is to blame.

Maria cannot keep a secret.

Many times Keats of Annihilation has kidnapped Maria and ruined her art/homes. She bitterly hates that Lasombra. It's not a secret.

At the Festival of Fire, Maria's ductus sided with the lupine over his Cainite siblings. Since then, the entire pack has laid low. Maria continues to support her ductus.

Maria infiltrated Columbus, Ohio, Camarilla.

Maria is controlled by the Lasombra.

Maria is manipulating the Lasombra.

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