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Clan Gangrel Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain Lexington, KY
Pack Nomadic
Path Scorched Heart ???
Faction Occult Underground
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Player [1] Megan Pursifull
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Ariana's Wolf form
Ariana's Owl form



Real Name: Forgotten

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: Archaeological Adventurer

Physical description: Approximately 5'3", Blonde, Blue eyes. Hair is about always the same between two styles Straight or curly, always at her shoulders, depending on her mood and bangs either in her face or brushed to the side. Ariana can typically be seen wearing converse, blue jeans whatever is light weight enough to get through night expeditions or climbing trees. She's always seen wearing an ankh ring on her left middle finger as well. In her flight form she takes the shape of a snowy owl with blue eyes like her own. In her fight form, Ariana takes the shape of an Arctic Wolf also with blue eyes and white lightning patterns around them.

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Character Information

Known History

Ariana(as she goes by now) was born in Hertfordshire England in 1919. She traveled the world with her parents, who were archaeologists and avid adventures themselves. Through the years, any expedition her parents went on she would accompany them. "Better then any primary school" her father would tell her (he took a great interest in her education.) In the 1940's, Ariana found herself in her second year at Marshall College, taking night classes. She was studying to be an archaeologist (go figure right). On an expedition to Egypt, Ariana's professor "welcomed"(as he called it) her into a new life. She's been wondering around the world alone, ever since. Until wandering into Lexington KY. Now she carries around a bladed whip belt made by one Kurt, giving it the nickname "Kindness .

Most recently, she offered her skills and help in Ocala against infernal forces. Lets just say being blown up 25 ft above the ground is not her most enjoyable activity.

Former Pack




Hector "Rio" Rivera



Daniel Whitt

Character Inspirations



"Never, I repeat, never underestimate that one. She's all smiles and sunshine, then a second later she's got her claws in your throat and you're wondering how everything went wrong." Toshi when asked about Ariana's combat tactics.


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