Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux

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Clan Lasombra
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 8
Domain Boston, MA
Pack Nightfire
Path Cathari, Caine? ???
Faction Black Hand
Faction Importance National
Player Lex Lopez



Antonio and Leanna

Alias(es): Noctis, Maverick

Real Name: N/A

Apparent Age: 22

Concept: Rockstar/ Ringleader

Physical description: He exudes confidence, with the nature of his birthright worn so all can see. He dresses in a wide variety of street clothes and is always wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information


Known History

The Black Hand

Antonio maintains close ties to a number of particularly powerful Cainites and leads a relatively mysterious unlife. He is a practicioner of Santeria and has been known to favor the Serpents of the Light, seeming to honestly enjoy their company. He has a heavily decorated career within the Sabbat including multiple sieges and even defended Cardinal Polonia from assassins in New York with the aid of his Templars and Logan Steele. He rose all the way to the position of Archbishop of Boston through these exploits and a bit of politics. However one night he vanished after a conflict with a group of Giovanni elders after besting them. A month later he entered the gathering and told everyone he was leaving for a while. Soon afterward, whispers abound that Antonio had spent the month trapped in a hell from which the Kuei-Jin come. Nearly a year later he returned as a member of the Black Hand.



Nightfire is a pack based out of Boston, MA, that was formed nearly a decade ago by Antonio and Leanna.


Hazel Grayson & Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux


None worthy of note


2Antonio NOLA2011.jpg




Character Inspirations

Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux 2009



"I don't even remember why she hates me, though I have no doubt her reasons are valid."

"Death smiles upon all of us. The difference between you and the Black Hand is that we smile back."

"A kinder.. Gentler Sabbat."

"I was there and I think I might have murdered the Archbishop. Over active imagination and all."

"I would never kill the Archbishop. She's a little annoying when she shows up but a spectacle to watch leave."

"Once a Catharist..."


Antonio, Shara and Nevan 2004
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