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Clan Brujah Antitribu
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Status 7
Domain Boston, MA
Pack Nightfire
Path Humanity •••••
Faction None
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Rina l'Argent

Real Name: Evangeline Duval

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Ecoterrorist meets the Sword of Caine.

Physical description: Angie appears at first glance to be nothing more than a completely average woman, if more athletic than the norm. She has wavy brown hair, and hazel eyes that tend towards green and gold more than brown, with a pert nose and generous mouth. Her sense of humor reveals itself in her eyes, and the faint laugh lines around her lips -- which are often turned up at one corner, at someone's expense. She has a few scars, but the worst one visible is over her right eye, a curving, angry line that narrowly misses the eye itself before gouging deeply into her cheek. She doesn't remember how she got it - she'll tell a new story every time someone asks.

When Angie fights, the warmth and light goes out of her; she's all cold grace and steel, moving with the instinct of a born killer. Only when frenzied does she display the usual regrettable temper of her clan; the rest of the time her every movement in a fight is deliberate, cold and calculated. Although there are some in Boston who see her as very humane and mostly harmless, someone who has seen her let go just once would have a hard time ever thinking of her as such. Someone who has seen her light a field of demons on fire with a gas can and a shotgun would realize exactly how she picked up the reputation for being a completely fearless warrior. (Relevant details: high Humanity, Sanctity)

Detailed Status:


Battle-Scarred (By the Bishop Shiloh, for staring down a rampaging werewolf, and getting its claws straight in her torso.)

Fearless (Again by the Bishop Shiloh, for ripping the werewolf's head from its shoulders.)

Enriched (During the Worcester Crusade.)

Militant (Given to her by Ductus Leanna, for the aforementioned trick with the demons.)



Character Information

Known History

Angie was a shovelhead for the first Worcester crusade - the one that never happened. As she came out of the grave with her mind intact, mostly, and she showed some talent for making things go kaboom, a couple of Brujah took her away and taught her the basics, before kicking her into Boston itself with the advice: "They'll push you. Push back."

Angie remained without pack for a long time in Boston, which was fine by her. She adhered to the personal motto of "I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member", walking her own way - learning things, making connections, and trying to discover her own past. This changed one night, when Logan Steel walked up to her and said, "Oh, you're packless? Let me introduce you to a pack." She was lonely enough, and they seemed decent -- she joined. Nightfire was, at first glance, a terrible fit for the young humanitarian. The pack's combination of Catharists and sadists made living with her new family difficult, to say the least, and for a while she was ready to walk away completely, convinced they were all beyond saving. After almost a year, though, Angie has come to terms with Nightfire: they're fucked up, but they're hers. She'd die for any one of them.

As for her past, when questioned... she claims to not remember anything before a bunch of bastards grabbed her out of her car at a stop sign and beat the shit out of her before throwing her in a grave.

She has disappeared recently, leaving behind no trace of her presence in Nightfire's communal haven. If anyone knows where she went, they're not telling.


Nightfire is a Boston-based pack, boasting some truly battle-hardened members of the Sect.


Notably, Jordan Sinclair, and most of the Sabbat of Boston.





Character Inspirations


"Samson and Delilah," Shirley Manson

"Howl," Florence + The Machine

"Ain't no Rest for the Wicked," Cage the Elephant

"Hungry like the Wolf," Duran Duran


"The fuck is wrong with you? Get a fucking clue. And if you can't find one, get a goddamn helmet." (Said many, many times over.)

"I'm humane. Doesn't mean I have to be nice."


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