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Clan Gangrel Antitribu
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Status 10-1
Domain NYC
Pack Caress of Steel
Path Honorable Accord ••••
Faction Moderates
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Player Brian H
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Alias(es):The Professor

Real Name: Dr. Sebastian Alexander Brown Hammett, Ph.d

Apparent Age: 25

'Concept: Political Warrior '

Physical description: Alex has neck length brown hair with piercing blue eyes and Glasses. He has permanant fangs from a frenzy while in south Africa. He Tends to dress in blue jeans, Concert T-shirts,a flannel shirt and a pair of beat up Doc Martin shoes.

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Known History

He is orginally from the boston area, grew up in the south side of town despite having money. He is an eagle scout and a harvard grad with a degree in political science. He earned his Doctorate in Political Science in London at the London School of Economics in 1997, when his now deceased sire chose him for a creation rite. He was the only one of her's to crawl out of the earth. The two of them spent time globetrotting around the world fighting in crusades in South Africa and Perth, Australia. He returned to the states after his sire, Lydia's death in the last year seeking to discover where he belonged in the sabbat in the areas of paths of enlightenment and Factions. As a trained Political Scientist, he tends to be rather in the moderates to status quo camps but has not formally joined anyone and has generally good things to say about most but is willing to listen and debate the merits and problems with the modern sabbat.


Griffin - Tzsimice - Pack Priest - Faction: Moderate Path: Honorable accord

Oliver Duquesne - Ventrue Antitribu - Faction: Moderate Path: Orion - Oliver is a Hunter that was embraced in Montreal and is a long time friend of Alex. He has joined the pack and is the only member of Caress of Steel that is not a member that is a Knight

Karl - Lasombra- Abbot - Faction: Moderate Path: Honorable accord - Karl is known within the Caress of Steel for his ability to manipulate and control the living city to do what he needs and wants it to do. Though many in the sabbat find this practice to be distasteful, it is being rumored that Karl has come to the Attention of the Order of the Saint Blaize for his Work.

Bart - Tzsimice - the new embrace of Griffin, he is responsible for keeping the new animal hospital built for the pack by Templar Grimaldi as a Gift.



Maddie - A gold Rush era Madame Gangrel from Perth Australia that Alex dusted up with during the crusade against the city. Maddie is responsible for the death of his sire Lydia Torres.

Al - a gambler Gangrel that Alex fought against in Perth, Australia.


Lydia Torres



Character Inspirations



Half of history is hiding the Truth - Malcolm Reynold "Serenity"

“This is the Captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then... explode.”

“Well, we may not have parted on the best of terms. I realize certain words were exchanged. Also, certain... bullets.”

“I’m just feeling kind of truthsome right now. Life is too damn short for ifs and maybes.”

“If your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.”

“Mercy is the mark of a great man. [stab] Guess I´m just a good man. [stab] Well, I´m all right.”

"One Little Victory"

A certain measure of innocence

Willing to appear naive

A certain degree of imagination

A measure of make-believe

A certain degree of surrender

To the forces of light and heat

A shot of satisfaction

In a willingness to risk defeat

Celebrate the moment

As it turns into one more

Another chance at victory

Another chance to score

The measure of the moment

In a difference of degree

Just one little victory

A spirit breaking free

One little victory

The greatest act can be

One little victory

A certain measure of righteousness

A certain amount of force

A certain degree of determination

Daring on a different course

A certain amount of resistance

To the forces of the light and love

A certain measure of tolerance

A willingness to rise above


Alex got the nickname the professor his ability to name any Rush Song as an homage to His hero Neil Peart.

Alex is a huge Joss Whedon Fan, and thinks Malcolm Reynolds is a classic character for the ages.

Alex is the Host of the Popular Sabbat Studio a history lesson for Young and Old sabbat to look at the modern sabbat in new and Refreshing ways.

Made the mistake of calling Priscus Prufock "Jack the Barber" a diva in reference to Loki in the Avengers movie neither Jack or Gray got the reference

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