Aidan Malone

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Clan Assamite Antitribu
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Status 12
Domain Ocala, Florida
Pack The Fifth Disputation
Path Honorable Accord ••••
Faction Black Hand
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Player Mike P
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Aidan Malone

Alias(es): Ares

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Concept: Assassin

Physical description: Upon looking at the man one would not believe him to be an Assamite...He is short and kind of pudgy. His Mask of a thousand faces normally only covers his skin tone. He usually appears as a pasty white guy though when his mask drops he is far darker then the average Assamite his age.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Since first showing his face in Boston he always been within arms reach of the Clergy. He was often sought after for his skill of gathering information without detection of others and it was because of this that a Bishop by the name of Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux requested his service as Templar. Aidan was more then willing to accept having seen the Bishop in action he was sure his skills would truly be tested. Nearly a year after entering Antonio's service Aidan was contacted by another, one Mercy Knight. After meeting with his Bishop Aidan accepted the Inquisitor's offer. Six months later over a "conflict of interest" Aidan left Inquisitor Knight's service. Three months later he was approached by the Black Hand.


The Fifth Disputation



Those that would act against the Code of Milan




None that he is aware


"Bring your whole Crew" - DMX

"Scream" - Avenged Sevenfold

"Till I collapse" - Eminem


"...I thought you wanted Baal's Caress," after Anastaz di Zegreb fell to ashes

"No, guys we're not going to blow up the Home Depot."

"Oh! Goddamit!"

"I have seen the fall of a Justicar of the Camarilla, a Regent of the Sabbat and countless Brothers and Sisters. The petty squabblings of Bishops is nothing."

"So why'd it take so long to clean that sand out of your vagina and step up as Bishop?"


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