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Clan Serpents of the Light
Sect Position None
Pack Position None
Status 2
Domain Nomadic
Path Humanity •••
Faction Moderates
Faction Importance None
Player Dan B



  • Bon Chance
  • Bon Chance Louis
  • Louis Trevaliet
  • King Henri

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late 40's - mid 50's

Concept: Caribbean Charter Pilot

Physical description: Bon Chance is a handsome (4 app. traits), portly for his 5'10" height, Caucasian, bespectacled man with keen green eyes, a five o'clock shadow, and a tanned complexion, as if he got a lot of sun as a mortal. He tends to dress in one three modes depending on the season and the occasion. When it's warm, he often sports an "island look" with Hawaiian shirts, loafers, and casual pants or even shorts. When it's cold he wears jeans and a cotton sweater. Around his home, he usually wears linen caftans. Whenever possible, his clothing is loose, comfortable, and usually in an earth tone combined with blue, white, or scarlet. He usually wears a heavy gold ring on his right pinky and frequently other jewelry around his neck. Sometimes, he carries a tan, canvas messenger bag.

Noticeable Merits and Flaws:

  • None that are obvious

Detailed Status:

Positional Status Reputational Status
  • Initiated (True Sabbat)
  • Bolshevik (Ductus Caius - April 17, 2013)

Serpent Rank and Prestige:

  • Hounsi Kanzo
  • Cheval
  • Mirror Gazer

Character Information

  • January, 1999 -- Initiated into the Sword of Caine and Heart of the Rebellion pack.
  • December, 2010 -- The rest of Heart of the Rebellion dies.
  • April, 2011 -- Bon Chance arrives in Decatur, IL, seeking a pack and a place. Joins the proto-Engineers t/k/a Masons of Caine.
  • July, 2011 -- Assisted the rescue of then-Bishop Samuel Vansant from Hell.
  • April 12-13, 2013 -- Attended the Ecumenical Council in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • April 20, 2013 -- Appointed Templar to Archbishop Samuel Vansant, The Engineers fold. Helps found The Forge as Pack Priest.
  • May 13, 2013 -- Appointed Bishop of Decatur
  • July 20, 2013 -- Removed as Bishop of Decatur
  • April 26, 2014 -- Attended the Ecumenical Council in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • June 28, 2018 -- Seen in the vicinity of the Bahamas

Known History

Bon Chance Louis is a expatriated French islander from somewhere in the Western Antilles. As a juice bag, he piloted charter airplanes all over South America, the Pacific, and, of course, the West Indies picking up pieces of the native religions to compliment his native Santeria. He was embraced in 1998 at the Conclusion of the Festival of the Dead.

He earned his initiation flying Sabbat members and their cargo into hostile territory, mostly in and around the American East Coast and Gulf Coast. His old pack, Heart of the Rebellion, died in a haven fire December, 2010, while Bon Chance was flying a mission. No one knows why. Seeking a new pack, Bon Chance came to Decatur and hooked up with a newly forming pack that became the Engineers.

After the Engineers formed, Bon Chance became involved in trying to close a trans-dimensional portal that appeared to be a whirlpool in a cornfield. With the guidance of the Saints he was able to determine that a certain crystal could be used to close the portal, but that getting the crystal to the center of the whirlpool would be very dangerous. This was because the Saints told him that as soon as anything touched the water, it would be swept into the other dimension. Ignoring the Saints' warnings, Bishop Sam Vansant touched the water while holding the crystal. The pool closed instantly leaving behind only the bishops hand clutching the crystal and the Bishop's ghost. Bon Chance consulted the Saints and, with their guidance, identified seven items associated with seven "sins" which might, if brought together with the crystal, crack the portal long enough to pull out Sam's body.

Working with other members of the Sword, the seven items were recovered. While this was going on, the Saints also showed Bon Chance a cult of bald, eyeless, men in an underground chamber in a graveyard. The graveyard was identified and this created debate about whether to attack the cultists or rescue Bishop Samuel. Bon Chance warned that the Saints suggested rescuing Samuel, but Bishop Jack decided to attack the cultists. Jack led the charge into the cavern and a great battle ensued. When it was finished, all the cultists were dead, but so were two true Sabbat including Bon Chance's packmate, Kazma. Later that week, Bon Chance and other members of the diocese of Decatur went to the pool where the seven items and the crystal reopened the pool and Bishop Sam's body was recovered. The pool then closed, shattering the crystal.

Following the closing of the pool, the Engineers began a turbulent period as the Ventrue antitribu ductus, Zakery Folds, became less and less engaged in the activities of the Decatur Diocese, finally abdicating his position. He was replaced by the Ravnos antitribu, Patrick Murgos. Meanwhile, the diocese of Decatur was inundated by bald, eyeless, cultists who had perfected the art of avoiding the war parties of the Sword. In the midst of trying to deal with those cultists, the Diocese destroyed some Giovanni, sparking a conflict with that clan. Shortly after the Giovanni incident, many in the Diocese noticed some "Hellfire clubs" and incidents of tent revivalist (hunters) appearing throughout the Diocese. Bon Chance helped track the Hellfire clubs back to a mage named Stephen Caldwell. Meanwhile, the ultra-conservative powers ruling Decatur blamed the Engineers' ductus for the tent revivalist hunters, bringing the pack into conflict with the bishops and Archbishop of the area. The conflict culminated when the Fallen Angels pack subdued and incarcerated the Engineers' ductus, Patrick Murgos. Murgos was released by Caldwell who had been investigating the Fallen Angels haven, sparking further conflict. Bishop Luther Black answered by removing Ductus Patrick Murgos's initiated status and replacing him as the Engineers' ductus with former Decatur bishop, Caius Marius. Black also insisted that Murgos's alter ego in mortal society be killed off publicly, claiming it brought the revivalist hunters to the area. Murgos insisted that the influence his alter ego wielded was the only thing keeping the hunter problem from becoming worse.

In this climate of conflict, the Engineers began associating with two new individuals, Larke Armitage and Patrick Swayne. Larke was drawn to the association by the strong religious belief of Caius Marius and Patrick Murgos which aligned with her involvement with the Order of St. Blaise. Patrick Swayne was a revenant and city councilman originally assigned to the service of the Lasombra then-bishop, Samuel Vansant, who found the Engineers better company than the Fallen Angels. Bon Chance found both to be uncomfortable associations; Larke because she upset the religious balance within the pack in favor of Christianity and Patrick because Bon Chance felt he was a spy for the bishops.

Gradually, the threat of the cultists appeared to have been dealt with and the revivalists appeared to have moved on. However, on the heels of the resolution, at least temporarily, of these problems, a new problem in the form of an incursion by the Camarilla, led by a personal enemy of then-Templar Samuel Vansant, reared its ugly head. Meanwhile, Murgos regained his initiation and resumed leadership of the Engineers, though continuing his conflicts with the bishops of the Diocese. Eventually, however, the Diocese was not big enough for Murgos and the bishops, and Murgos decided to "go nomadic." Since the Engineers were founded, this was essentially splitting off from the pack, and Caius Marius once more assumed the position of ductus of the Engineers. At roughly the same time, the Camarilla had zeroed in on Patrick Swayne and cornered him in a local Tuscan restaurant. Swayne escaped, was embraced by the Tzimisce, and formed his own pack which Larke Armitage then joined, abandoning much of her association with the Engineers. Within months of doing so, Swayne moved to Chicago, leaving Larke behind to find a new pack. Now rumors abound that Larke is infernal, her pack scattered, and she herself has been scarce. Eventually the Saints confirmed these rumors and Larke was destroyed.

While most of the diocese focused on the Camarilla incursion, Bon Chance noticed that a strange type of spirit had begun appearing in the diocese. After examination, Caius and Bon Chance determined that these spirits (not ghosts) had once been Cainites and still possessed the ability to feed - on humans, on other spirits, and even on Cainites. After sufficient feeding, the spirits were able to divide themselves and make additional spirits of the same type. As the number of these spirits began to grow, the quality of the blood to be found in the diocese began to decline and the juice bags began to talk about iron deficiencies. Bon Chance and the Engineers have focused their attention on these spirits and are trying to work out how to get rid of them before their numbers become a huge problem. Eventually the investigation reached the limits of the Engineer's capabilities when the big spirits got tracked to ADM. ADM is a known bastion of technomages. Bon Chance has turned what information the Engineers have collected over to Bishop Samuel and Lucas Black.

The night he did so, the Saints sent him a vision of a ghost trying to escape her grave, only to be retrained by magical blue light emanating from an old tree growing over her grave. After consulting with the Ancestor ghosts, Bon Chance was able to identify a cemetery in Arcola where the tree and the grave were located. He and his fellow Cobra, Papa Caine, went to investigate, determining that the ghost should probably not be allowed to gain freedom and that someone or something was helping the tree contain her. Eventually they discovered the young Amish man who was helping the tree and, from him, they found that there was a magical item which was needed. The problem is that something supernatural in Decatur had the item and was avoiding magical detection.

A month later, the Saints sent Bon Chance a vision of the item, an amulet with a golden gem. It was in the hands of a Lupine with half his face scarred, a Lupine who dreamed of a battle with the Fallen Angels. Bon Chance asked the Angels and learned that this was a very powerful Lupine who had destroyed an entire pack over a year ago.

April of 2013 was a month of change for Bon Chance, as the Saints had told him it would be, A week before the Ecumenical Council, the fellow Cobra and pack priest in Bon Chance's pack, Silver, was killed by a gang of five mortals. Silver's loss left the Engineers depleted with only Caius Marius and Bon Chance remaining. On the 20th, 2013, the pack disbanded. On the same night Bon Chance Archbishop Samuel Vansant anointed Bon Chance as his Templar, replacing Wyldcard who was stepping down. He was then assigned to assist and advise the newly appointed Bishop Arthur Obertus as the Archbishop's representative. Bon Chance also joined a new pack, The Forge, where he assumed the duties as Pack Priest. In mid-May, he was appointed to the rank of Bishop.

Following on the heels of Ecumenical Council, Bon Chance became involved in an operation to move cargo to Jerusalem, via Egypt. Since any trip which involved arriving in, and spending any time in Eqypt, was a matter of great care for Bon Chance, the planning an execution of this operation involved most of Bon Chance's time for a couple of months. The operation went off flawlessly and Bon Chance can now say he has stridden across the sands of the Setite's ancient homeland, a sort of screw you to his parent clan. However he was so often out of the city on flights and other operations, that Archbishop Vansant removed him as Bishop within a few months. He eventually parting ways with the Forge as well for the same reasons.

In April of 2014, Bon Chance traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the second Ecumenical Council in as many years. While the debate raged around him as to the role of elders in the Sect, the Eccesiasts, heresy, the missing regent, the death of Cardinal Radu at the hands of the resurrected Cardinal Moncada, and any number of issues, Bon Chance happened to locate an ancient tablet. Curious, though unable to read them, he managed to secure a moment of time from the Vykos's Librarian who told him these were Noddist tablets and that he held but a piece. After searching around for more, Bon Chance was eventually able to obtain photographs of other pieces of the tablet found by other people. He took those photographs back to the Vykos's Librarian who told him the meaning of a few words and suggested that he turn his find over to the Consistory. So he gave the tablets to a paladin for the Vykos.

In May, of 2014, Bon Chance finally returned to Decatur after a long absence. Once there Archbishop Vansant removed Bon Chance's right arm and his Respected, Adept, and Enriched statuses. (The removals were done via the Archbishop's templar and no proof that they had not been warranted was provided.) Once punished, Bon Chance returned to Montreal and the work on the tablets with Muse and Jamie Acosta in Jamie's haven. About a year leter he and Vansant resolved the punishment issue.

In June of 2018, Bon Chance and his flight crews relocated to the Bahamas and the Southeastern United States, coming back to the heat and humidity he knew as a juice bag (and away from the freezing cold of more temporate winters.)


Formerly of the Forge
Before that of the Engineers
Before that of Heart of the Rebellion



  • Traditionally most Followers of Set

Sire & Lineage

  • Damballah


  • Temperance (Deceased)



Character Inspirations

  • Bon Chance Louie from Tales of the Gold Monkey
  • The Merovingian from the Matrix series
  • Aspects of the movie Angel Heart


  • The Banana Boat Song
  • Sinnerman
  • Jump in the Line
  • Angelina
  • Angelique-O
  • Coconut Woman
  • McCavity
  • One Jump Ahead
  • Mexican Radio
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Would I Lie to You?
  • Three Little Birds
  • Holy Ground (by Wolfstone)


"I practice Santeria, Voudoun, Christianity; I like to have all my bases covered."

"This is what happens when you ignore the Saints." Said quietly to himself after having warned about the premonition the Orisha gave him to NOT jump into the whirlpool-gate-to-somewhere-bad; having had one Bishop tell him that the Bishop did not trust the Orisha; then watching the other Bishop jump in the pool and get trapped in the other dimension with only his severed hand remaining in this one. Said again after the Orisha gave a warning about not charging in on sixteen cultists with no more plan than "Get 'em." Subsequently, two True Sabbat perished including a member of Bon Chance's own pack.

To himself after about five "Praise Caines" bellowed in as many minutes: "If zhe Dark Father 'ad to pick between zhose who spent all zheir time zheatrically shouting 'is praises to show everyone 'ow devoted zhey were and zhose who spent zheir time actually getting zhings done, I zhink I know 'ow 'e would choose."

"Zhe first time I flew into Montreal it was winter. At first, I was astonished to see I was getting an erection, but zhen I realized I was only freezing zolid."


  • His first Ductus got the nickname "Bon Chance" from a character in a TV show.
  • He is a potent Witch Doctor who can voodoo curse those who cross him.
  • He's got that "Creepy Mortal" vibe, but you should heed his warnings.
  • He was a Cardinal's backup personal pilot.
  • Makes regular smuggling flights into Egypt right under the Setite's noses.
  • He's a budding Noddist scholar.
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