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Know your enemy. Who is who?

Below are some of the most famous members of the Sabbat. They range from founders of the sect, to Cardinals, nomdaic Prisci, an everything in between. Every single member of the Sword of Caine is aware of these vampires and may feel free to take that knowledge in game. The list below is not a full list of all the important members of the Sabbat, it is more of a handful of the “Rogues Gallery”. For more information on the full depth of these NPCs and those not listed, please consult the various White Wolf books available on and/or please consult with Team Sabbat. Should your PC wish to interact with any of these NPCs, again please contact Team Sabbat.


Fransico Domingo de Polonia (Cardinal of the Eastern Seaboard, USA)

Often referred to as the Julius Cesar of the Sabbat, Cardinal Polonia has been a rising star in the Sword of Caine since his quick rise to Archbishop of NYC to promotion too Cardinal of the Eastern Sea Board. The Cainite known as Fransico Domingo de Polonia is famous sect wide for being the sect leader who is willing to fight thick and thin, elbow to elbow with his fellow brothers and sisters for the good of the sect. Never one to take failure lying down, Cardinal Polonia rises to every occasion and situation as a new challenge waiting to be over come. New York City is the crown jewel in the Cardinal’s territory, one he will violently defend at all costs. Many of the most successful campaigns along the east coast are the direct result of the Cardinal, it is even said that it was he who orchestrated the death of the Tremere Justicar Anastasz di Zagreb. Perhaps the best known fact about Cardinal Polonia is that while he may be a tough military leader, he is fair and will always put the sect first, except perhaps when it comes to New York. The second most well known fact is the Cardinal’s on going rivalry with Priscus Sascha Vykos.

Count Radu Bistri (Cardinal of the Midwest, USA)

The writer of the Purchase pact and the greatest diplomat known to the Vampire world, Radu Bistri was there when the sect was founded and will be here long after Gehenna. Radu Bistri has been a Bishop of New York, a Cardinal twice, and the man who reorganized the Tzimisce clan into what it is tonight. Radu was the Cainite responsible for the inclusion of the Salubri Antitribu into the Sabbat and during the time of Gangrel Independence manged to convert many of their elders. Never one to take sides, Radu is best known for his ability to negotiate and mediate. One could argue if it was not for Radu, the sect would have fallen apart long ago to in fighting. Tonight Count Radu Bistri finds himself as Cardinal of the Midwest United States, the stronghold of the Tzimisce clan in North America.

Venere Carboni, the Daemon Maestro (Regent of the Sabbat)

Arguably the most well-known member of the Status Quo (and in fact, the head of the Faction), Venere Carboni achieved his current position by virtue of being able to be everything to everyone that was important enough to have a hand in him advancing. A savage politician and talented orator, he is capable of doing something many Sabbat elders find themselves incapable of, he can connect with the younger generations and gain their support just by being who he is.

Sacha Vykos, Caine’s Angel (Nomadic Priscus and Noddist Scholar)

The Sabbat had its beginnings in a small town. In this small town a meeting was held. In this meeting a Fiend named Myca sat across from a Ventrue “leader” of the then-forming Camarilla named Hardestat. After tempers flared, Myca took what he felt to be the best action to declare his thoughts on the “Camarilla.” He tore off his genitals and flung them in the face of the Ventrue. After that encounter, Caine’s Angel soon became one of the most visible members of the Anarch Revolt which eventually became the Sabbat. If you ask It’s opinion on the Camarilla in these nights…a quite similar answer would likely be the result.

Velya the Vivisectionist (Cardinal of the Land Beyond the Forest)

The current Cardinal of the Land Beyond the Forest, Velya rode with the now elder Tzimisce Vykos, Radu, Lambach, and Lujo in the early nights of the Anarch Revolt. Together with the help of the Anarch, this group of Tzimisce slew their clan founder. Velya is the world’s most powerful Koldunic Sorcrerer and paragon of the path of metamorphosis, he has spent the last few years in seclusion in the Carpathians prffering to be left alone to his own machinations. Since he discovered his love Elaine Cassidy in Boston, it has been rumored the Cardinal has been slowly going insane with the loss of his love. Recent signs in the world and storms in the home land of the Tzimisce point to one thing, Velya the Vivsectionist and Cardinal of the Sabbat is readying to move once again, to what purpose only Velya knows.

Jalan-Aajav (Seraph of the Black Hand)

Feared by all vampires who walk the night, the Cainite known as Aajav-Khan to most is a nightmare to the Camarilla. As of the Seraphim of the Black Hand, Jalan is one of the most passionate vampires in the Sabbat. His combta prowess and temper are ledendary. Jalan-Aajav is a Cainte of few words, most know better to bother the Seraph with petty matters, as he is quick to anger and not easy to appease. Lately the Seraph has seem more at unease then normal. Rumors have it that a large shack up in the Black Hand has resulted in Jalan falling from his previous absolute control of the sub-sect. Regardless Jalan remains loyal to the Sabbat and Black Hand above all else, and will stop at nothing to see the blood of his enemies upon his fangs.

Vasantasena (Nomadic Priscus and leader of the Sabbat Loyalists)

During the Anarch Revolt, in a time of unchecked violence from the Anarchs, and fervent calls for genocide by the mortals, Vasantasena helped convince the clan of lunatics to join with the Camarilla. Eventually, she grew disillusioned with the growing hypocrisy over the original purpose of the organization and the actuality of it; and on the night that the Assamites were cursed, she fled the Camarilla with a host of rescued anarchs, and her brood. In the modern nights, Vasantasena has become an evangelist for her cause, spreading her madness and her obsessive need for the illumination of others. She espouses that “as long as vampires remain Blood Bound in unbreakable lineages of Kindred, the Antediluvians can gobble them up like strands of pearls.” Vasantasena also is quite vocal about her contempt for the Sabbat Paths of Enlightenment. She takes gleeful pleasure in disrupting meetings and gatherings focused on such topics and challenging Sabbat leadership on the topic. Though many could think of this disruptive behavior as disrespectful, the oldest members of the Sabbat have unapproachable respect for her. The youngest members of the Sabbat admire her as a role-model; something to aspire to.

Dominique Touraine (Nomadic Priscus and leader of the Sabbat Moderates)

An educated woman in a time of misogyny, Dominique challenged the Church, and was taken from her own execution by the Ventrue Titus and Embraced. Instead of gratitude, she abhorred Titus for saving her, believing it to be a mockery of her stand against the church. Titus responded by forcing a Blood Bond on her, further earning her ire for repressing her strength. When the Inquisition came for Titus, destroying his servants and his family, he ordered his progeny to protect him while he escaped. Dominique survived joined enthusiastically with the anarchs, embracing the freedom of the Sect, and with her sharp intellect, she quickly gained renown as a brilliant leader. Dominique lives for freedom, and believes that everyone, including Camarilla vampires, has the right to act without restriction, but that each vampire is also responsible for their actions. This position has earned her the enmity of many powerful Sabbat. The Black Hand believes her refusal to hate the Camarilla as treachery. More fanatical loyalists believe that her dogma of moderation impinges upon their own freedom. However, her enemies respect her because she does not condemn any of their ways, and she has made it clear that she would never trade her freedom in the Sabbat for the bonds of servitude of the Camarilla. She is often thought of as the conscience of the Sect.

List of Faction Leaders

  • Loyalist: Vasantasena
  • Moderates: Dominique
  • Status Quo: Venere Carboni
  • Ultra-Conservatives: Charles VI
  • Panders: Joseph Pander
  • Order of St. Blaise: Bishop Josephus
  • Children of the Dracon: The Jackal
  • Black Hand: Dastur Anosh
  • Inquisition: Maria Sandoza
  • Occult Underground: Esteban Del Agua y Tierra
  • Cult of Lilith: Lilith

List of Cadinals

  • Fransico Domingo de Polonia, Cardinal of the Eastern Seaboard, USA (See Children of the Night and New York City by Night)
  • Count Radu Bistri, Cardinal of the Midwest, USA (See the Transylvania Chronicles, and Transylvania by Night)
  • Angelica the Canonicus, Cardinal of the West Coast, USA (See Vampire the Masquerade: The Eternal Struggle)
  • Velya the Vivisectionist, Cardinal of the Carpathians (See Children of the Night and Clanbook Tzimisce for more information.)
  • Eleiser de Polanco, Envoy of Mother Spain, Cardinal of Spain (See Mexico City by Night for more information.)
  • Kyle Strathcona, Cardinal of Canada (See Children of the Night, Montreal by Night, and Nights of Prophecy for more information.)
  • Huroff, Cardinal of the Netherlands (Cardinal who signed the Code of Milan)
  • Dominic, Brute Patriarch, Cardinal of Ireland (See the Transylvania Chronicles, Transylvania by Night, and Clan Book Brujah for more information.)
  • Bruce de Guy, Cardinal of Central America (Cardinal who signed the Code of Milan)
  • Gisele Hemmet, Cardinal of the Caribbean (See Blood Magic Secrets of Thaumaturgy for more information.)
  • Anges, Cardinal of North Africa (Cardinal who signed the Code of Milan)
  • Dark Selina, Cardinal of Switzerland (See Dark Colony for more information.)
  • Anka, the Priestess of Thorns, Cardinal of the South, USA (See Children of the Night for More Information)
  • Andrew of Normandy, Cardinal of Southern South America (See Cainite Hersey for more information)
  • Liseta Iluminada, Cardinal of Northern South America (See Transylvania by Night for more information)
  • Monty Coven, Cardinal of the Middle East (See Children of the Night for more information)

The Pack of Smokes

The pack of smokes is a list formed at the Caine Clave event of 2010 by the Sabbat of North America. This list is the complied names of the top Camarilla vampire enemies of the sect in order of most to least dangerous. This list is considered public knowledge to the Sabbat and any who can slay a member of the pack of smokes is likely to receive great praise and rewards from the Sword of Caine. The current up to date list is as follows:

  • Deacon St. Croix
  • Uma Nottingham
  • Jonathan Giovanni (Johny Gwynn)
  • Donnur Hannalore
  • Selene Lazarion
  • Aisling Sturbridge
  • Thaddeus Jameson
  • Antonio Salerno
  • Rictor Barnes
  • Vincent King
  • Meredith Sturbridge
  • Sheniver du Bois
  • Hugo Valentine
  • Jan Pieterzoon
  • Dean Famularo
  • Francis Mereven
  • Ian Grahmn
  • Garmenly Lilly
  • Jacob Harrow
  • Theo Bell

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