Sabbat Office ~ OWbN 2012

The guys behind the desk!

Mission Statement ~ Our goal as Team Sabbat is to provide the players, storytellers, and games of One World by Night with the most helpful, accurate, and prompt service we as a team can provide. We are team assembled of the greatest most dedicated people who love Vampire the Masquerade and Sabbat genre. When we say the term Team Sabbat, we mean it. Team Sabbat is not run solely by the Sabbat Coordinator. It takes a full team of hard working individuals to help maintain and flesh out Sabbat Genre for One World by Night. It is our goal to provide friendly, prompt service with the thought in mind how we can best help you and the organization as a whole. We do after all work for you.

Responsibilities: Team Sabbat is responsible for the entirety of Sabbat vampire genre in One World by night, where ever that may take us. The Sabbat coordinator has been elected to enforce the genre of the Sabbat in One World by Nigh. As such many of the duties of the Sabbat Coordinator and the rest of Team Sabbat are listed below, though they are not solely limited to this.

  • Answering any and all questions
  • Creating and maintaining Sabbat Genre Packets
  • Maintaining the Sabbat genre as presented by One World by Night
  • Portraying Sect NPCs as need be
  • Continuing to move forward with the Sabbat Meta-Plot of OWbN as decided by the organization
  • Working with non Sabbat games to help encourage proper sabbat genre
  • Maintaining a website to give a home to all the players and STs of OWbN with quick and easy access for all the needs of the Sabbat of the organization

It is our promise we shall work as hard as we can to help deliver on these responsibilities and maintain our mission statement.

Sabbat Coordiantor

Adam Sartori,

Lasombra Coordinator

Dan McMahon,

Tzimisce Coordinator

Derek Howard: Tzimisce Coordinator,


  • Brian: Loyalist Subcoord and South USA,
  • Chris: Moderates Subcoord and West USA,
  • Dave: Occult Underground Subcoord,
  • John: Inquisition Subcoord,
  • Joan: Inquisition Subcoord, Admin Subcoord and Website Subcoord 2,
  • Lex: Order of St. Blaise Subcoord,
  • Steve: Pander Subcoord,
  • Sarah: Children of the Dracon and all things Tzimisce Subcoord,
  • Brad: Cult of Lilith and Midwest Subcoord,
  • Jacob: Black Hand Subcoord,
  • Zeb: Status Quo Subcoord,
  • Jake: Ultra-Conservative Subcoord,
  • Peter: Infernalism Subcoord,
  • Rob (Also Demon Coord): Infernalism Subcoord 2,
  • Cheri: Widows of Montreal Subcoord,
  • Trey: Salubri Antitribu Subcoord,
  • Mike: General Subcoord,
  • Ian: Grandpa Sabbat Subcoord,
  • Mike "Porch": Grandma Sabbat Subcoord,

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