Sabbat Office ~ OWbN 2012

OWbN Sabbat Guide

These are the current and up to date available packets for the Sabbat Genre of One World by Night. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to host these documents. As such please contact your game’s Council Member for these documents or please e-mail the Sabbat Coordinator ( for assistance:

  • The Danse Macabre: An OWbN Guide to Sabbat Status
  • The Occult Underground: An OWbN Guide to Sabbat Blood Magic
  • The Lost Tribe: An OWbN Guide to the Black Hand
  • Inheritors of Fury: An OWbN Guide to the Salubri Antitribu
  • Mutts: An OWbN Guide to Panders
  • Daughters and Sons of Caine: A Guide to the Sabbat Factions

  • OWbN Non Binding Sabbat Genre Guide" and link it to: Non Binding Sabbat Guide

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