Sabbat Office ~ OWbN 2012

Sabbat Political Factions

The scope of disunity in the Sabbat is tremendous. The sect can be divided into ten factions who all believe they know what the Sword of Caine should be. The ten factions of the Sabbat are the Status Quo, Moderates, Loyalists, Ultra-Conservatives, Pander Movement, Black Hand, Inquisition, Occult Underground, Order of St. Blaise, and Children of the Dracon. In addition to these ten factions there are two heretical factions that in the darkest corners of the world they can be found. The best methods to identify these factions lie not by a label, but rather by their viewpoints. While not all Sabbat have joined a Faction, the majority of the vampires in the sect will claim to be part of one.

The Sabbat believes strongly in the rule of “Divide and Conquer”, yet it itself is not unified. Despite the various factions, however, the Sabbat has managed to avoid another civil war through the Vaulderie and the Code of Milan. However it is only a matter of time until the views of the factions come to ahead and another civil war comes again to the Sword of Caine.

The Pander Movement

"The Movement may have been started by the Panders, but it isn't theirs anymore. It's about equality, and people earning their positions. It's about proving that we, the clans that get swept under the rug and ignored, are often times more loyal and more committed to the causes of the Sabbat than those who simply inherited their membership card and titles. We will not assume that we deserve positions of leadership, but we will also no longer allow ourselves to be ignored. The leading clans think they're so special because they can control shadows and bend flesh, I can control Nightmares and bend minds. Suck on that.
-Jordan Cowl, Malkavian Antitribu, Fanatic

The Status Quo

"So, you think we just tread water? That we just keep this whole thing plodding along with no real desire to make things better? Let me tell you something, shitbag; treading water is the best we can hope for. After our nights have been spent coralling shovelheads, redirecting retards that like to be eeee-vil and viciss dogs to peoples asses for no damned reason, and pacifying charismatic old Ductii who want to do what the fuck ever and damn the torpedos; we're DAMNED lucky to just be treading water. And if no one else is around to keep all this shit in check...if no one is out there covering for all these's the Inquisition all over again, but with the Cam giving them swords and intel this time because no one bothered to keep your shit in check. You call it treading water, I call it keeping all us fuckers alive and kicking, so that we can keep the fight going...and not end up like Butch and Sundance with the whole Bolivian Army knocking at out door."
-Jose Mendoza, Itinerant Templar to Regent Carbone

Moderates Blurb

"'Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am...' Ha! Where are we stuck? Who has it right? The Hand, who want to fight open warfare against an enemy that outnumbers us three to one? The Loyalists, who won't fight at all unless it was their idea to do so? How about the licks who figure we should do things the same way we did in the Middle Ages? I'll stay here in the middle any day of the week, thank you very much. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about shuffling off the bonds of the ancients while simultaneously preparing for the end times. But seriously, you have to give to get, my friend. There has to be a happy medium. You need a bunch of Cainites who are willing to lend their swords to a seige, convince the freedom-nuts to pitch in, and talk down the conservative Bishop who's about to make a grease spot out of the Brujah AT neonate who just give him the finger. That's where we come in. We're the glue that holds it all together. We don't plant our asses on the moral high ground, and you wont see too many of us talking up our legendary awesome at Esbat, that's not how we roll. You can bet your ass, though, that every time the Sect rallies and takes a city or reclaims the blood of an Elder, we held the team together long enough for them to win."
- Ductus Joseph O'Grady

The Black Hand

“We are Caine’s Chosen. We live to serve our Dark Father and the Sword of Caine. The Black Hand guides the Sabbat and aids it when we are called. We give our lives to serve this sect and Caine. Our resolve is absolute and our will unbreakable. Many of the Sabbat call us Zealots and the Most dangerous Cainites alive. They are right to say such, we have been here since the beginning and we shall stand with our Father Caine at the end. We are his to command. We have no patients for the bickering of the Sword of Caine, but we serve it faithfully none the less. It is not our place to rule this sect, only help it when it demands. We have ended a Civil War in this sect, and will protect it just the same should the need arise.”
-Yazid Tamari, Seraph Second to Dastur Anosh of the Black Hand

The Inquisition

“What’s there to say about the Inquisition really? We do what needs to be done. We hunt down heretics and purge them with holy flame. It’s not a nice job, but hey someone has to do it. Shit, Infernalism used to common place in the Sabbat. Brothers and Sisters selling their souls for power and in doing so selling out the very principals of the sect. We can’t have that. That’s where we come in. Sure, most cities would rather face the hordes of the Antediluvians now then see our Iron Reliquaries in their town, but it’s got to be done man. For the good of the sect and to maintain our ideals and faith, we can not abide a heretic. You think Caine is going to want some dirty Lilith worshipping motherfucker in his sect when he shows up? I didn’t think so. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a heretic to burn.”
-Navarrese, Judge Inquistor.


“Rules man... FUCK rules. Listen, the only person who should tell you about rules is your Ductus; family is the only thing that matters in life, and in death, the pack is the only “organization” that you can really fucking count on. Do you think that the President REALLY cares about what the fuck happens to you? Fuck no... he’s so high on power that you’re fucking nothing... you’re a fucking ant, man. Though, you pick up a shotty and go after that mother-fucker, and suddenly, you’re the most important mother-fucker in the world! That’s the point; organizational leadership is bullshit, and an organization being controlled by a bunch of never-seen Elders is a total crock... oh, you think I’m talking about the fucking Cam? Fuck no man... it’s us man... we’re the joke! You want ultimate freedom, you shouldn’t play THEIR game. If no one plays, then you know who “leads” then? It becomes the, and you’re gonna gasp... individual Cainite with the most respect! You know how you fucking get respect? You earn that shit.”
- Pedro Sánchez Matanzas, Brujah-Antitribu, Member of the Veterans; Miami, FL.


“The Sword of Caine is an army, pure and simple. The Final Nights are upon us and the time for questioning orders and leadership is over. What will you tell the ancients when they raise? Will you scream to them how you are free and not answer to them because of it? True Freedom is earned, not gifted to you upon embrace. Once the war is over, then we can worry about the trivialities of doing whatever the hell we want. Until then we stand ready to serve our Dark Father in his mostly holy Crusade against his bastard children. Do you?”
-Charles VI, Priscus of Mexico City and leaders of the Ultra-Conservatives.

Order of St. Blaise

“In the nights past the mortal Inquisition fires burned bright across the Jyhad. In this time of tumult, we have served as wardens against the wrath our prey would unleash. For a moment, they had known the truth. Two truths in fact, one being that we walked amongst them as Godless creatures of the night. And the other truth... that we were not so immortal as we liked to think. So the cattle raised their torches and their pitchforks and brought annihilation to every Cainite they could find. Were it not for us, the rebellion could not be. I can see your smirk of disbelief. How could we, the race of Caine be brought so low by things so frail? I see your arrogance, your hubris - and one night “Bishop,” one night soon, when they come for you with their guns and fires, I will be here, waiting for you, and when that night comes we will discuss the expression on your face then.”
-Costello, Shadow Legionnaire.

Children of the Dracon

“They call us devils, that is because we make them question their decisions. Someone in this sect needs to make sure our brothers and sisters question every choice they make. We have chosen the call to be advisers to the sect. To make sure we do not act quickly and rashly. To often the sword of caine follows blind passion, rather then calculated logic. We should look to the lessons learned in Constantinople. A dream of a Cainite Utopia of freedom, equality, and ruler-ship of the children of Seth. Where each action is questioned and decided upon by a group, not a tyrant. That is the role we play in the sword of caine, we are it’s voice of reason.”
-Tatiyana Obertus, Paladin to Cardinal Radu.

Occult Underground

“For ten long years, we have laboured in the name of Caine to replace what was lost with our Tremere Brothers and Sisters. Now, finally, by the Grace of Our Dark Father, we have succeeded. We offer our hard fought knowledge to the Sect not with hope of reward or glory, but so that together we may all stand strong against the damned grandchilder of Caine and their spawn. In Nomine Patris Noctis.”
-Father Juan Carlos, Priest of the Occult Underground

Cult of Lilith

“Caine. Caine was nothing more than a mewling babe desperate for a teat to suck on before the Dark Mother took pity on him. The fact that he’s the creator of our kind doesn’t mean we should worship him, it means we should strive to rise above him. God has turned his face from us and we can either wallow in self pity like our “father”, or we can claim the power of the gods and make this world ours by following in Her footsteps. So what do you want to be? Besides, I’m convinced the Sabbat’s veneration of Caine is primarily due to the rising rates of illiteracy in the modern world. Doesn’t the Book of Nod even say you should follow your elders and that diablerie is forbidden?”
-Analiese, Priestess of Lilith


“There is power to be had. It has been here since creation. That the weak, the fearful are to caught up in their own paranoia to understand the true power that we hold is not our concern. We grow in numbers every night, our Patrons grow with us, the Sabbat will be ours within the century. After that, we will take the world!”
-Jason Darke, High Priest of Charizoth

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