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About the Consistory

In Sabbat, the members of the Consistory are the law-makers of the sect, a council of select Prisci, Cardinals, Black Hand Seraphim, and the Regent. ┬áThese individuals dictate the unlives of those in the great sect…

In a way, this is what Team Sabbat is for the genre in One World by Night (OWbN). With less religious overtones, of course. ;-)

So what is this? The blog known as “The Voice of the Consistory” is thus the voice of Team Sabbat. While there are thousands of ways in which the team may communicate with Storytellers, other Coordinators, and players of OWbN… this is where we’ll try to keep a concise place for you to find news about our shenanigans.

Team Sabbat is composed of the following members:

  • Sabbat Coordinator: Adam Sartori
  • Team Sabbat: Whole Team
    • Loyalist Subcoord: Brian O.
    • Moderates Subcoord: Chris F.
    • Status Quo Subcoord: Zeb H.
    • Ultra Conservatives Subcoord: Jake M.
    • Occult Underground Subcoord: Dave N.
    • Order of St. Blaise Subcoord: Lex L.
    • Pander Movement Subcoord: Steve H.
    • Children of Dracon Subcoord: Sarah M.
    • Black Hand Subcoord: Jacob H.
    • Inquisition Subcoords: John B. and Joan M.
    • Cult of Lilith Subcoord: Brad K.
    • Infernal Subcoord: Peter B.
    • Brazil Subcoord: George D.
    • Salubri Anti Subcoord: Trey
  • Other Subcoords:
    • Admin “Subcoord”: Joan M.
    • Grandpa Sabbat: Ian K.
    • Grandma Sabbat: Mike “Porch”