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The End is Nigh!

Huzzah Another blog post!  See I totally said I would keep up on this and I am!  Hope everyone has a great Midwinter!  Heard nothing but good things.  Which is always nice to hear.  As always, need to keep that positively up!  As usual, before I get to the topic of the week; its updates time!


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Still looking for any volunteers to help out on this one!  But hey I did ass this: The Consistory


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Brian and I should be finished this week before we send it off to the Coord Team. After that, its too council.  So hopefully very very soon.


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As soon as those cats are gone…

Ecumenical Council 4 

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Need to do a quick IC blurb for this for marketing.  The staff is still talking and should be meeting again soon now that Midwinter is over.


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Note to self, write app

Thems the updates!  A lot of moving on forward and work as usual.  This of course never includes all the emails and scenes I have to run.  With that out of the way lets talk about today’s topic!  Gehenna!

For those of you who may not know, over the weekend at midwinter an org plot was run that had been passed by council.  For the record, I didn’t write this plot or prop it.  It was actually for the Garou/Mage side, but effected the entire org.  Regardless, the Red Star went boom!  So while I did no write this plot, it did happen in our shared world and effects every genre.  So for Sabbat I posted an IC message from the Regent about Gehenna.  I thought it was fairly standard.  Its certainly not the first time the Regent has posted about apocalyptic events in OWbN.  As well you know…the Sabbat is a Gehenna cult.  Any ways, this apparently started a thread on the Sabbat Facebook page (see this is why I don’t have a facebook…nothing good comes out of facebook. It is the devil).  This thread was asking if I was running Gehenna and the org was ending.  So this weeks topic is going to be about that.  Because I find it fairly amusing.

Ok lets start with I don’t have the power to end OWbN or run Gehenna.  Thats not a thing.  Rather the IC post by the Regent was done in response to an event that occurred in our World of Darkness.  Let’s look at that message.  When in real life a major world event happens the president has a statement to give.  This was largely the same exact thing.  An event occurred and the Regent had to respond with something.  The Red Star shattering is a BIG thing IC wise in the World of Darkness (or rather it should be).  So that’s the first thing.

Next the Sabbat is a GEHENNA CULT.  Every major event in the world of darkness is a sign/start of Gehenna.  What I find most hilarious about the thread is that its literally not the first time this has happened in OWbN.  I mean we have had the Week of Nightmares, the Year of Fire, the Death of two Antediluvians, and the possible return of Lasombra (see Moncada…Im not revealing the truth behind that one lol.).  Each time…the Regent has posted with “The End is Nigh!”  because its the fairly standard party line of the sabbat.  I guess what I’m trying to say, this is nothing new or abnormal.  Rather…its fairly standard.

On the flip side of that lets look at another way messing with the Red Star was written in plot.  In the BNS world the Red Star vanished. In their canon this caused wide spread panic in the Sabbat.  Resulted int he sect falling apart and infighting.  They ran it like the shattering of the sect’s faith in a manner of speaking.  Which resulted in some fairly drastic changes for the Sabbat in their world.  I didn’t want to do that.  So I did the opposite.  Instead of being like “Oh hey I guess we were wrong…um so what are we all fighting for again?  Why are we working together.”;  I instead decided the IC reaction of the leadership of the Sabbat would use it as a means to rally the Sabbat and bolster their faith. Remember, the Sabbat is a Gehenna cult.  Look at how real world cults deal with when their apocalyptic prophecies don’t come true.   They make some statement in line with their propaganda and use it to bolster their faith.  Same idea.  And since I don’t have any desire to runa  5th Sabbat Civil War, this is what I decided to go with.

Also we missed that whole end of the world train line 15 years ago...

So yea, I would recommend keep your concerns IC.  Debate it, argue it, discuss it, be afraid of it, and all that fun stuff. But do so In Character.  Out of Character….you don’t need to worry.  OWbN isn’t ending we aren’t running Gehenna.  Relax.  Your game isn’t going anywhere.  Now if you ask me personally on my opinion of Gehenna…I would LOVE to run it.  However, my own personal vision of Gehenna is often a lot different from what most people would run or do.  Most versions of Gehenna end in some Apocalyptic end of the world throw down in vampire.  I honestly always thought that was kinda of line.  My Gehenna would be far more dark and scarier then some giant battle.

What would my Gehenna look like? Well for the starters it would be subtle.  There would be no big boom or grand battle to fight.  Nah, rather I would reveal some far more terrifying facts.  For example, in the Dark Ages line Vampires also believed Gehenna was right around the corner with all these thin blood 13th generation vampires lying around the corner.  What I would run is that Gehenna started during the Anarch revolt.  The death of Lasombra and Tzimisce roused the other ancients. They woke up.  And whoever said such ancient creatures would wake up and just want to throw down.  Thats silly.  No, in my Gehenna the ancients rose and took an active role in the world.  Manipulating the elders, sects, and everyone into ruling their blood empire for a thousand years.   Look at the Modern Nights in the World of Darkness.  It’s awful, its in many ways hell on earth…and apocalypse if you will.  The horror I would reveal is that Gehenna started a long time again and the ancients have been awake all this time controlling everything shaping the world into their blood empire.  Vampires are in many ways subtle after all.  I find that so much more horrifying then some giant vampire.  Thats for vampire of course.  Each of the other game lines have a very different mood and theme to them.  But thats what I would do, and probably will one day…in a Table Top.  And honestly for OWbN; its not a bad idea either to cross that whole Gehenna albatross issue.  But thats just my personal opinion. That or I would just run Seraph of the End.

Seriously though watch this Anime. Its super good.

Any who, yea the sky isn’t falling its business as usual.  The org willl continue on.  So stay calm and play game.

Till next time!