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The Road So Far…

Wow has it been a long time.  Life has been crazy for me, and as usual the blog is the one to suffer.   I have been busy with real life stuff for once and buying a house and all that jazz.  So once again, my apologies my ever loyal readers!  My new years resolution is step my game back up and update this more often, like I used to.  I am sure as heck going to give it my all!  Well getting passed all that fine stuff time to get some long over due updates in the “What’s Up With Team Sabbat?”


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Yea…Please seriously anyone with these skills hit me up.  I need help!  And I lack all sorts of Internet skillz when it comes to coding and all that.  I desperately need help with this.  If you have the time and the skills…I can pay in approvals!  Ok that last bit is a joke.  But you will have my eternal gratitude.


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My new pet project is nearing completion.  Myself and bunch of STs are working on it and it should be done soonish.  Hopefully it will pas council and all that jazz.  I’m really proud of this one.  Some spoilers for ya….its full of Horror. And I don’t mean action horror.  I mean like primal horror.  I love it.


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Ok I was for realz gonna do this…then my Library got invaded by cats…this should be remedied soon so I can film.  As always got questions?  Send them my way!

Ecumenical Council 4 

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As usual with January comes the beginning of prepping for EC into over drive.  The staff is assembled and meetings are happening,  Soon some spoilers and marketing should be going out (Hi Dora!)


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So….a lot has changed since last I talked about this whole thing.  Long and short of it…I’ll be running again.  Jon was being prepped to take over for me, but life happened to him in the face.  With that I’ll be doing this one more time ::pause for applaud or threats of death::.  On top of this a LOT of the reasons I was basically fed up have gone.  This is mostly the lack of being able to be creative for various reasons.  But some stuff may have happened and I’m far less concerned about that now (see today’s topic).  I want to be clear I was never burned out from doing this or made at owbn, players, the sts, or the games.  I talked about it before.  If Adam feels like his creativity is being hampered Adam Rages.  But hey, like I said that isn’t really a concern anymore.  Speaking of which!

Hey guys this minor thing got happened that not many you may have heard of it.  White Wolf got bought from CCP by Paradox.  I know, you heard it hear as a first.  Shocking News.  I got all the inside info these days.

Ok in all honesty, for all fans of white wolf (myself included) this news is exciting.  But change is always scary.  Many fans from Table Top players to Larp players were pretty nervous about the whole thing.  What does this mean for all the games that we play and love?  The New White Wolf has only revealed a little bit of their plans for the future. Which can only lead to more excitement and fear at the same time.  The good news is both Onyx Path and BNS will continue on as is.  For me, what I took from this news and their “press conference” was a bunch of dedicated fans of White Wolf are now in charge and that want to work with everyone to make the best games they can and provide for everyone equally.  Thats great news to me.  Their line of we would rather work with people then against them warmed my heart after having it be quite the opposite in the past.  Whats more interesting and the real topic for today’s blog is they will be doing a One World fo Darkness and what sounds like their own Larp line of books (I could be totally wrong, but thats the impression I got from it).  More importantly they want to push Nordic Style Larping.  Now that is the actual topic of today’s blog.

So what exactly is Nordic style Larping?  Well, do you know what Mosnter Hearts is?

Its a great game that really focuses on role-play and story more then rules.  Thats probably the best Analogy I can really draw from what I have researched on it.   At the core of it Nordic Style larping really focuses more on creating an extremely immersive gaming experience.  One far more focused on Role-Play and story then rules.  Which from what my wife tells me is actually a fairly common play style in Europe from the friends she has over there who LARP white wolf games.  They don’t really care about the rules and try to use them as little as possible.  Rather their focus is far more on using LARP as more of a form of therapy then anything else.  It’s definitely an interesting concept.  I have always said Story comes before rules.

Now for me, I have some interesting feelings about Nordic Style Larp.  I’m torn in many ways.  As a gamer these days I find myself far more focused on good story and role-play.  I find more enjoyment out of it.  I would be lying if I said I don’t care about rules.  I do, I just don’t think they need to come first in everything.  I kinda stand in the middle.  Consistent rules that make sense, are clear, and reflect the game I love (which is Table Top.  Thats just my personal preference as I believe LARP World of Darkness is an adaptation of Table Top.  Which the Laws of the Night series is.  But everyone is entitled to their own opinion and preference. There is no one right or wrong answer.  Only personal preference.  Hence edition arguments are dumb. ).  My concern is what I think the US gamer market is.  While I predict and a see shift more towards focusing on stories and rp; American gamers Love them some rules.

Ok it probably won't be like this....probably

When I played warhammer a lot I always used to joke about the difference between US warhammer players and British Warhammer players.  British players would talk about the story and reasons why their particular battle was happening.  They would name each individual solider in their army and give them stories. US gamers power game and concerned about the best army builds and rules.  I think this a good analogy for this topic.  Mind you, its not that I think US gamers ONLY care about rules universally.  There are of course exceptions.  Rather I generally think US gamers on a whole like rules to games and tend to focus on them.  So I dunno how a Nordic Style Larp would do in the US.  It think its just cultural difference thing.  I could be completely wrong on this.  I in fact don’t know everything.   So who knows what lies ahead.  I am for one am excited and not afraid for the future of White Wolf.  I’m hopeful, and I remember that my collection of White Wolf books aren’t going anywhere and I can always play whatever I like however I like.

So I hope you enjoyed my insight and promise I will try to update this blog more often!  So look for that!

Till next time,