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Hello Darkness my Old Friend

Wow has it been a while! I do apologize for that, it a lot has happened since winning elections really. Life has been pretty good as of late. It most certainly has kept me very busy to say the least. I wont bore you all with the details, but its all good stuff. Sadly it has meant I have been very busy. As always that means some things need to give, in this case it was the blog. I will, as always, endeavor to fix that and try to update this more often. Because as a Coordinator I work for you all, so it’s important to keep you guys updated. I have a couple of things I want to talk about this time. Mostly about the future and the status of things in OWbN and all that fin jazz. But first the long over do updates!


40 %

I added a few things to the wiki.  Mostly stuff like email lists and updated who is on the team.  As for the website…its still a work in progress.  Can’t complain when its free!  Needless to say Im looking to hire two people.  One to do wiki entries for NPCs etc and the second is for a web designer.  If you are interested…the pay sucks but hey APPLY NOW!


20 %

I told myself I wasn’t going to do it.  That I was done.  I ran my 6 year long arch and finished it.  It was awesome!  The PCs where involved and changed the entire genre. You guys really stepped up and seemed to enjoy it.  So give yourselves a pat on the back for that.  But just when you think you are out.  At my core I’m a writer and storyteller.  I my crappy luck I happened to get a nugget of an idea that turned into an urge that turned it me writing another plot.  So here I am again writing away.  Im still working on it, and its still in the design phases.  But man am I proud of this one!  No spoilers yet, but I really hope people like it.  I put a lot of time and effort into it.  But always, it seems, I am sure will be a fight.  Such is the nature of things.


10 %

I SO Need to do this, and probably will end up doing one soon.  As always seems to be the case when I do something big.  See packets below.  As always, if you have questions send them my way!  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


100 %

The Faction Packet update I promised when I ran for coord is up to council.  I am sure it will be a battle.  It always is in OWbN.  While it is not to be shared outside of OWbN and I think I made my point clear; I feel I should also point it out here as well.  THIS PACKET RESULTS IN LESS NOT MORE>  There less pages, less combination disciplines, less blood magic paradigms, paths and rituals.  Though I’m sure I will get more “OMG I can’t believe you are giving more ot the sabbat adam”; as always is the case despite the facts.  Regardless, its simply not true and I hope people like it.  We put a LOT of work into this and really hope it passes.  It has a lot of good updates; reflecting the changes in Sabbat genre in OWbN done by the PCs.  So here’s hoping!  Oh and if you have any feedback for edits on other Sabbat packets let me know!

Ecumenical Council 4 

10 %

Guess What…I’ll be opening bids for this soon!  Its that time of the year already!  So look for that soon!

Festival of Fire 

100 %

Speaking of events for Sabbat in OWbN…You guys hear about this one?

“Evening all,

Sorry for the OOC post, but this is the best way to get information out for me right now.
I wanted to remind everyone that early registration price of 25.00 ends on August 31st. From that point on to door it will be 35.00. We also need all sheet sent in by September 10th so we can have them printed out in time. St’s can send the sheets to us at festivaloffirests@gmail.com or on join our Puppet Prince game.
We also had reports of issue with our PayPal account, so we opened a Google Wallet account attached to our email account, festivaloffirests@gmail.com.
Rooms are still available at the 89.00 rate. That rate is the same for a single or double room. The hotel information is;
7007 N. Hight St
Worthington Ohio, 43085
To get the room rate, please mention the Festival of Fire.
If you have any questions, please contact us at festivaloffirests@gmail.com.
I look forward to seeing you all there.
Mel Lee
Go and support this new Sabbat event if you like OWbN Sabbat. Its the first year and these would love to have you  It has my official endorsement for an OWbN Sabbat event!
Vampire the Masquerade 4th edition
 SO this was announced at Gencon this year…I just wanted to mention it.  As a fan im super excited and love onyx path.  Those guys are great.  Can’t wait for the new edition.  It will go very nicely with my complete Vampire the Masquerade collection.  Between this, Final Fantasy 15, Kingdoms Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy 7 remake…I couldn’t be happier with gaming!
SO those are your updates that I have long over do owed you.  So whats on my mind for this blog post topic?  Well many of you may have heard this is mostly likely going to be my last year as Sabbat Coordinator.  I know hold your tears.
I did want to take a moment to talk about the why and my thoughts behind it.  A lot is changing in OWbN.  If its for the better; I don’t really know.  I guess time will only tell on that one.  I will say its not the payers, games, coords or STs of OWbN that made have a desire to move on.  In some ways its a good things and in some ways its bad I suppose.  But all good things I guess.  Regardless, I guess for those of you that actually read this;  I will attempt to explain as best I can whats going on with me and my desire to be Sabbat Coordinator….or really as involved with OWbN as I am right now.  I also want to make this clear.  I’m not burnt out.  I still love playing all the games I do, STing all the games I do, and yes even being Sabbat Coordinator.  I still love it and its still fun.  Thats not really what made e stop and ask “Do I want to do this anymore?”  So first the bad.
I touched on this briefly in the EC team sabbat vlog when I revealed I will likely not be running again.  By my nature I am a very creative person.  I like to write and tell stories.  In case you hadn’t noticed.  Recently (within the past year) there have been issues with that.  I won’t get in to depth about them, but they suck to say the least.  Some of you know what I am talking about others don’t.  Either way I don’t really need to get into it.  Needless to say I can no longer be as creative as I want to be in OWbN.  There are a lot more rules, guidelines, and behind the scenes stuff going on…that quite frankly the majority of you don’t need to know about.  As your focus should be on playing the game and having fun with your friends. And playing this game we all love however you want. Thats the Golden Rule of White Wolf after all.  However, for me one of my biggest pet peeves and the quickest way to get me turned off to something is to stifle my creativity.  If the rules of what I can and can not do are vague and constantly changing…it annoys me. Greatly.  I also want to point its not OWbN’s fault or anyone’s really.  I guess it is what it is.  But usually when I get a creative spark, work on something, and then get told no for reasons I don’t agree with….I’m out.  Its a flaw of mine i know.  But it is what it is.  So thats basically what happened.  As a Coordinator and someone who is heavily involved in OWbN;  I can no longer be as creative as I once was.  And that really bothers and frustrates me.  Hence my reaction is to move onto projects where I can be as creative as I like.  Hence the good which is up next.

Ok slight teaser...

Firstly, I’m not starting a revenge org if that what you are thinking.  Too many of those already and it’s not a problem with OWbN.  Don’t get me wrong; the org has a lot of problems it really needs to address. Which I have mentioned else where (Community, Bureaucracy, Rules Set, and Mrekting.  In that order to be exact in my opinion.).  The org isn’t in the best of shape right now, but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope.  As long as people come to game and have fun with their friends RPing and telling stories there will always be hope.  But I said there was good stuff.  One of the reasons it is extremely unlikely I will be running again is because i have a new project I am going to be working on.  Its of my own design and creation and I have hopes to actually maybe make money at this hobby one day.  Its a great dream I have, and one I will realize by trying my hardest.  I am very excited about it, but i don’t want to reveal to much yet.  No it has nothing to do with Vampire the Masquerade.  Its something where I can let my creativity fly and do whatever I want.  And that concept really excites me.  What can i say, I was inspired by a friend who did the same.  He had a dream and also working on making it come true in regards to gaming in general.  But, the project I want to work on will take a LOT of my time,  Realistically I can’t do this and be Sabbat Coordinator.  Simply aren’t enough hours in the day.  Ok, well I probably could, but I don’t want to suck as a coord.  Regardless; hopefully you all will hear more about it as time goes on.  I have a lot of ideas, goals, and dreams.  And you can either be a doer or a talker.  I’d rather be a doer.
So thats kinda where I’m at right now.  It’s anything terribly world shattering or awful.  Just a lot of thoughts really.  If you want me to go in depth as to my frustrations and what my project is…I won’t be at this time.  So please don’t ask.  Besides, my mother always told me, If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.  I think the future looks bright though regardless.  And I hope you are all still having fun.  I will always be thankful for what this simply silly game about vampires has given me in my life.  Heck it gave me my wife!  And I’m not going away anytime soon.  In the mean time tell your CMs to vote for th enew faction packet update  As of this writing it hasn’t been objected to yet…but I am sure it will.  As I said before I will try to post more often to keep you all more in the loop!
As always, be the best in the world