Clan Pander and the Pander Movement: The biggest problem

I’ve just finished what could be the final draft of the Pander Movement faction packet. I have a 75% finished Pander Clan Packet. I’ve spent more time considering the Pander clan and its members than any sane person has a right to claim, and I’ve discovered the largest problem with clan Pander. They’re too successful.

It’s not that I don’t want to see the Pander succeed, or thrive in the Sabbat, the problem is that while their genre is that of an oppressed people striving for equality, we live in an enlightened society and most players find racism and prejudice against a person for something he can’t control distasteful. This means that the Pander, who are all about railing against discrimination and claiming their rightful place of glory, much less satisfying to play. Gaining acceptance as a Pander in some cities is as easy as saying hi, and it shouldn’t be. Sure they shouldn’t be openly bashed, but there should be a strong level of unspoken but obvious prejudice going on.

When designing the Pander movement, one of the hardest decisions was how to mechanically encourage this prejudice while at the same time making the packet be about fighting it. I think I managed it, but only time will tell.

My solutions were, first, to allow the Pander Faction Status to be bid as a negative status by anyone with more status than the member, and second, to slowly give members of the Pander Movement clan enmity Lasombra and Tzimisce as they advance through the ranks.

I know that clan enmity/friendship doesn’t really work in a global society like OWBN but they will at least give players ooc cues as to how their character should be treating this person, and the faction as a whole if they want to stay in their clans good graces.

Are you an ST or a Pander player? I’d love to know your thoughts! You can always reach my by e-mail at