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Ventrue-Antitribu? What’s that?

Hello again!

So, a while ago Adam and I were having a really in-depth discussion about how Captain Picard never got the girl, unless you count Vash who, let’s face it, didn’t stick around once she got a BFF who could teleport them around time and space (which is the space equivalent of having your girlfriend stolen by a billionaire in a really expensive car)…
…and then we were like, HEY! How come there is no genre resources for Ventrue-Antitribu?!? So we brainstormed a bit, and we came up with some ideas… Now when I say we came up with ideas, I mean Adam talked about how good he looked in black nail polish and a purple anime wig while I was working.
Here are a few things that we were discussing:
1. Provide players the option of playing the Second Ed. Ventrue-Anti bloodline that got Auspx, Dom, Fort
2. Come up with a more robust background story for the Bloodline (the main thought was that they were all from the lineage of Dominique)
3. Come up with a more robust background story for the normal Antis
4. Create, within the Ventrue-Antitribu, an optional division into roles. This division would be in the form of the logical evolution of what happened to the militaristic Knights of the Blood who went Sabbat. We’re thinking of some sort of Knightly/Militaristic structure… kind of like a Society for Ventrue-Antis, but nothing is decided as of yet.
So, I’d like to hear from you!
Do you think we are on the right track here? Do you think we should be including anything else? Do you think we should be focusing on some other aspect(s) of the Ventrue Antis instead?
I need your help! Please tell me something… I mean, if you don’t then I’ll have to keep talking to Adam… and I can only handle so much!!!
- Brian
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