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Columbus Sabbat Event, a Perspective

So, I recently attended the Columbus Sabbat event. Big props to the event staff because, much to my surprise, the Sabbat event had almost as may people as the Cam event had…



So there I was, portraying Jayne Jonestown, Rock-star extraordinaire; with my Britney Spears shirt and my skinny jeans, and my guy-liner, and I got to thinking as I watched everyone kinda sitting around waiting to be told what to do… where the f*ck are all the Loyalists?!?

I mean, I probably talked to about half the PC’s there, and most (who weren’t Hand or Inquisition) struck me as either Status Quo/Moderate, or UCon. There just weren’t too many people filling in for those edgy, pushing-the-boundaries types that you read about when you read the Loyalists section.

What I did see was lots of pack-mentality as the Inquisition and the Black Hand rallied up to go fight their way into Detroit; it seemed to be like everyone kinda just rallied behind (I’ll admit, more than half of that was probably because they didn’t want to get left out of the plot).

It just kinda left me thinking to myself: damn! If only I had ONE Loyalist pack to stand up and be all “hell no, we won’t go” or “why are the Black Hand/Inquisition leading this, did we run out of real Sabbat” or some shit like that! Someone finally asked Jayne Jonestown if he was going to Detroit, to which I responded with an emphatic HELL NO!

…but Jayne Jonestown is just one NPC who is mainly ineffective without players to back-up and to back him up.

We’ve got a long road, Loyalist players.

- Brian