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Ecumenical Council V Bidding Begins!

Holy Crap…I’m gonna run out of Rocky Posters at this rate.  Who am I kidding, we will never run out of Rocky Posters.  Any ways, I can’t believe it, but its that time of the year again!  Time to open up the Ecumenical Council V bids for games!

As always the bidding is open to all OWbN Games.  So if you want to run and host one of the successful owbn events of the year; please do not hesitate to apply!  If you are a player…Bug your STs as to WHY they aren’t putting in a bid.  Because they totally should be..

You all know the drill.  If you would like to put in a bid to host Ecumenical Council V OWbN Sabbat Event fill out the form below!

Ecumenical Council 5 Bids