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The Grand Masquerade Returns!

Wow its been a while!  As usual I have been terribly busy with real life.  And as usual that means the blog suffers.  BUT Jackie should be making blog posts here soon  (Stares at Jackie).  Before I get into today’s topic, lets get caught up with where team sabbat is at currently shall we?


25 %

Well my desperate pleas for help has fallen on deaf ears…This is kinda stuck in limbo until I can find someone to do it.  Poo


100 %

Well that secret project that I was helping work on was totally the year of smoke.  Which is well under way.  This plot is designed to be a much more grass roots local deal then the style of say Year of Fire in the past. That doesn’t mean we at Team Sabbat aren’t busy with it though!  Quite the contrary.  We have been a lot of scenes and interactions in regards to this.  Indeed, some of the people you interact with may be possessed!  I have also been hard at work on the Grand Masquerade 2016 plot as well, which is of course tied into Year of Smoke.  But more on that below.  Expect to hear some IC news about that VERY shortly.

Ecumenical Council 5 

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Holy crap its that time already!  I will be opening accepting of bids shortly.  Probably by the end of the month.  So Sabbat games, get ready for that!


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Team Sabbat is working on the first draft of revisions to the Sabbat Status packet.  I think they have a couple more weeks to get that to me…


10 %

Yea…I know.  Need to do that as well.

Onto to today’s Topic.  The Grand Masquerade has returned!

So for those of you who don’t know, white wolf is throwing another Grand Masquerade in a couple of weeks.   I am extremely excited for this.  Not only is this the place where I met my wife, but its also the Blizzcon for White Wolf.  Every gaming organization from table top to larp will be there.  I have been lucky enough to be on staff for all three of these amazing events (Spoiler, I am on staff again for this one!).  We have been having staff meetings every week now for months.  SO there has been a LOT of prep for this event.  Why might you ask?  Why is the Grand Masquerade so important that you should all go?  Well let me explain my friends.

Grand Masquerade is extremely important to OWbN, for a couple of reasons.  This is the big fan community engagement event thrown by the company we all play games in.  It’s honesty time, OWbN showing at the previous by night events (which while granted aren’t the Grand Masquerade) have been lackluster to say the least.  I’m not here to debate the reasons why that happened.  It doesn’t really matter now.  What I am here to do is express how important it is why give a good showing for this event.  Truth of the matter is, I’m like 90% sure we weren’t almost invited this year.  I can’t say that I blame them.  When you can promise maybe 20 players to your big community event…thats not saying much.  That isn’t to say the people running the event have been hostile towards owbn.  Quite the contrary actually.  They have been extremely helpful and accommodating for everything we wanted to do for the event to make it the best one we can. We got more time and space for OWbN then Honestly I expected.  NOLA 1 and NOLA 2 had hundreds of OWbN players come to them.  While, I am hopeful to break a hundred this year even that is airing on the side of optimistic.

Also the parties are pretty sweet

So ok you get that I want people to go, but why?  I can not express how immensely important it is for us to have a powerful presence at this event and prove we ant to be part of the larger World of Darkness Community.  ”But Adam we son’t need them!”.  That is painfully untrue.  LARPing on a whole is on a down climb.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  I have my own theories and reasons, mostly due to the increase of the capability and accessibility of video games and the internet.  But that is neither here nor there. Point is, no one is doing great in regards to LARPing.  There are of course exceptions to that rule, but on a whole is what I speak of.  That is why community is so important.  Thats why coming together as one community (they we may be separate entities) is necessary to help each other.

I get it, we all have various feelings about players, STs, organizations etc.  Everyone has a “I got cheated” story.  Everyone has someone else they don’t like for whatever reason.  It’s irrelevant. Hell you could despise me.  It’s not important.  What is, is coming together as a community to support both OWbN and each other.  Events like the Grand Masquerade promote cooperation and commendatory.  These are essential if larping is to survive for the next 20 years.   We build bridges, make friends and amazing memories, and for a brief moment come together as one giant nerd community of grown ups who like to play dress up and pretend to be vampires.  Or we can go back to being an isolated middle finger waving in the air “rebel” organization.  Which of course helps no one, including ourselves.

So I am asking anyone who was thinking of going but hasn’t decided yet.  Please do.  But aside any of those bitter feelings.  But aside all the ooc drama that can be associated with game.  Instead come join us in New Orleans for a hell of a good time.  We the staff have put in a LOT of time and effort to make this the best event we can for not only or organization but for the health of World of Darkness LARPing on a whole that we can.  We all love this hobby in some form or another.  I’m asking for a leap of faith from any doubters and just (if you can) come to the event and have a good time with us.  Besides, there is always bourbon street!

I’ll see you at the Grand Masquerade!