Sabbat Office ~ OWbN 2012

What’s the OWBN?

One World by Night is an organization dedicated to creating links between White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theatre LARP games around the world. By combining the various stories of member Chronicles, OWbN hopes to enhance the enjoyment of its members by expanding local plots to the world, truly creating a World of Darkness.

OWbN currently stretches to over 100 chronicles in the US, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and Isreal.

One World by Night has been running consecutively very (for) over a decade, as such the world of darkness as presented by OWbN has differed some form the world presented by White Wolf. The Sabbat genre of OWbN has remained close to the source material, but below you will find the changes from the course of over 10 years of stories and plot from OWbN Sabbat games.

What Makes the Sabbat Different from the Camarilla?

So let us pretend for a moment that the Camarilla Sect doesn't exist.

The Sabbat is a group of vampires who are fighting a war. A war against powerful beings who have no compassion, no mercy and who will utterly and totally destroy everything for their own ends. We speak of course of the elders and specifically the Methuselah and Antediluvians. Creatures so old they don't even have names anymore, just titles and whispered rumors.

You are a shock trooper embraced into a battle against those monsters and their pawns. Most of you will not survive. Their minions are many, their power immense and you fight against the whole of human history.

What keeps you going night to night? The support of your brothers. You bond, as only those who have seen the fires of combat can bond.

Why do you abandon your humanity? Why become a pitiless creature of the night? Because your enemies will show you no mercy. They will cut you from the cloth of the world with their gentility and their masks and you will fall if you cannot or will not do everything, use everything and dare anything to fight them.

In our lighter moments we mock them. Their ivory towers and their parties are simply a ruse. They tell themselves that what we fear will never happen and that they will rule the night forever. They are wrong and we have seen the first stirrings that they are so horribly wrong that they have doomed us all with their folly.

The Sabbat does what it does because it has to, just to survive they must be monsters in the night. They would never last, much less prosper without the hard truths they face every sunset.

Everything else is simply the trappings of sanity. The rituals, the games of instinct, the Monomacy are all ways to remove the weak, the traitors and the unworthy from our midst that when we actually see battle you can trust the brothers to your side to do what is needed even if it means they take the lifeblood from your veins and rip the soul from your body to enrich themselves.

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