Victor Leandros

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Clan Gangrel Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 10
Domain New York City
Pack Mandatory Conscription
Path Feral Heart ••••
Faction Loyalist
Faction Importance Revolutionary (Nationally Known)
Player Niguel Vega



Vic - Feral.png.png

Alias(es): Vic, The Big Dog, The Supreme Beast, MISTER Leandros, The Exalted

Real Name: Victor Leandros

Apparent Age: Mid-Thirties

Concept: Anti-establishment rebel and champion of the disenfranchised.

Physical description: Once a Hispanic man of average height and weight in his middling years, the Gangrel curse has robbed him of much of his human appearance. Vic's face is dominated by heavily lupine features, a too-wide mouth shaped into a canine snout with protruding upper and lower fangs, pointed ears, and taloned fingers. He keeps his salt and pepper hair cropped short in a nominally military-style fade and combed-back flat top. He's most often seen wearing black carpenter pants and a hooded sweater over a black t-shirt emblazoned with his pack's emblem, insulated steel-toed Tims rounding out his attire. His lupine features are thinly obscured under a fitted beanie, a bandana with a partial skull motif printed on it and wrap-around Oakleys. He travels unapologetically heavily-armed, a chrome-finished chainsaw with a silver chain-blade dangling from his left hip via a heavy-duty carabiner, sawed off shotgun resting in a thigh holster, and an axe tucked into his belt on his right side.

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Pack - Mandatory Conscription







Character Inspirations


Song Quotes

This world rejects me
This world threw me away
This world never gave me a chance
This world's gonna have to pay

And I don't believe in your institutions
I did what you wanted me to
Like the cancer in the system
I've got a little surprise for you
Burn - NIN

I was born into a curse
An outlaw straight from birth
My mama danced around a fire
And pulled me from the dirt

I live out in the woods
I'm not misunderstood
Maybe you're thinking that I won't
I'm thinking that I would

That's why I'm dressed in black
Ain't ever coming back
Cause I'm the black sheep of the family

No, don't look the other way
I'll spit right in your face
Cause I'm the black sheep of the family
Black Sheep - Saliva

Even with these chains, you can't stop me
Even in these chains, you won't break me
Even in these chains, you won't stop me
Even in these chains, you won't break me
Even in these chains, you won't take me
Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment

Well I'm not a slave to a God
That doesn't exist
And I'm not a slave to a world
That doesn't give a shit
The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix) - Marilyn Manson


"Listen before you speak. Think before you act, stop jumping to conclusions because you lack all the facts to make an informed decision, and for Caine's sake stop antagonizing your betters, as I assure you, my capacity for tolerating your insubordination is rapidly waning." - Dragomir Grimaldi to Victor Leandros, 2014

"You're not my better Drags, you're just some fucking ghoul who got made before me. I do appreciate that ya said that though, it does clarify things between us, doesn't it?" - Victor Leandros to Dragomir Grimaldi, 2014

"Vic just put his dick in my politics..." - Bishop Manuel Tiego, 2016

"I don't trust Knights, they're fuckin' liars. Ya wanna know what I think when I hear someone's a Knight? That that motherfucker is so good at lying, he can convince himself his lies are true." - Victor Leandros, 2017

"I came here to see what you were like away from all your masters and hangers-on, but I see that's not possible... You're in too deep with them, and they control you easier than you do that conditioned kine... at least she needs to be beckoned... You obey and do what's expected instinctively." - Victor Leandros, 2017


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