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Clan Nosferatu Antitribu
Sect Position Judge Inquisitor
Pack Position Pack Priest
Status 8
Domain Nomadic
Pack The Unfleshed
Path Road of Night ••••
Faction Inquisition
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Player Captain Awesome
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The Flenser.jpg


Real Name:Unknown

Apparent Age:Unknown

Concept:A child's nightmare brought to life

Physical description:Tall and well built. Usually wearing someone else's face stretched over his own. Hands are sheathed in metal guantlets with 8-inch steel blades on the ends of each finger. Carries a variety of torture implements at all times.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History


Few can say much about the reclusive Nosferatu who calls itself The Flenser. It does not seem to care about the nightly activities of the Sabbat and is rarely seen at gatherings of the sect. It speaks up and appears only on occasions it deems important enough to warrant it's attention, and often only on matters that threaten the Sabbat as a whole.





The Flenser only speaks of his sire to say "He is dead, and thus no longer relevent"


The Flenser neither confirms nor denies the existence of any childer

Character Inspirations

Dark Eldar Haemonculi (Warhammer 40k)
Qyburn (Song of Fire and Ice)
Jigsaw (Saw)



"You speak of humanity in the same manner another might speak of sensibility. I do not dine on babes because it is impractical and their incessant cries are irritating. I do not feed without need because it is needless. I fight my enemies because they had the audacity to cross me. Do not assume that Humanity alone is the sole source of one's actions or restraint." -The Flenser

"There are two kinds of beings in this world who exchange power for worship, Ancients and demons. Do not ask me to stand patiently and welcome either." -The Flenser on Baron Samedi

"In the beginning there were two absolutes. The infinite existence that was the Almighty, and the infinite absence of the Void. The Almighty is sovereign and answers to none save itself. The Void is subservient and answers to those strong enough to command." -The Flenser on his path

"I rarely get to meet those not of my Blood who follow the Roads and Paths once originated by those of my Clan, and when I do I tend to lend a skeptical eye. However, upon my first ever conversation with the Flenser, it was clear he fits the tenants quite well." -Marcos Brigante

"It is an established fact that infernalists thrive on deception. They will lie to you at every turn so that they might continue their corruption without your notice. Their word means nothing. The Keys of Solomon have never once, in their history, submitted themselves to the Inquisition to verify that they remain untainted by their arts. All we have from them is their word. Tell me, is there ANY other cainite in this room that you would trust to have unmonitored contact with demons, for centuries, without being investigated?" -The Flenser on the Keys of Solomon

"If you are offended by this man's actions in doing violence unto another member of this sect, then issue a proper challenge. This is what our most sacred ritae were intended for. You may either become as sinful as he by attempting to murder him, or you may demonstrate that you are a more righteous soul by employing Monomacy. Choose wisely, for I am watching and will Judge your actions." -The Flenser on the Civil War


The Flenser cannot read
The Flenser is really a Tzimisce in disguise
The Flenser can see the future
The Flenser has a vault of torpored enemies that it keeps so it may torture them for eternity
The Flenser has faced down multiple methuselahs, oftentimes alone
The Flenser hates fun
The Flenser was drugged and tricked into dancing with Jestin at Midwest Palla Grande
The Flenser has been released from the Inquisition for his failure to get the Keys of Solomon destroyed at the Ecumenical Council
The Flenser hates Ravnos
The Flenser never lets those he judges survive
No Regent whom was not a heretic has ever Wyld Hunted the Flenser
The New Hit TV Show on Netflix, Daredevil, is based off of The Flenser's breaches of the Silence of the Blood.


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