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Clan Nosferatu Antitribu
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Status 5
Domain Decatur, IL, United States
Pack N/A
Path Humanity ••••
Faction True Sabbat
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Player Morgan Thomas
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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Appears early 30s in Mask.

Concept: Overprotective maternal figure.

Physical description:

(To be fleshed out later when I have time.)

(While not an exact representation, the resemblance is eerie)

(Unmasked) Slyther stands a willowy and graceful 6 ft. She moves like a serpent through water, almost drifting, but with purpose. Her long fingers are webbed, six digits on both hands. Her skin is covered in smooth serpentine scales that appear a translucent gray in lowlight, but in varying degrees of light become a rainbow. Her neck is long and serpentine, maybe a foot longer than normal. Her eyes are opalescent, a secondary film covering her eyes briefly as she blinks. Her face is vaguely humanoid, high cheeked and draconic. She lacks a true nose and ears. Her hair is a beautiful red shade, either put up or let to flow about her shoulders. There is a white streak at the left temple (resent development). There is a thin line along her cheeks, which to those that know what to look for would indicate her jaw could distend like a snake's. Protruding from her back are majestic, rainbow scaled wings, draconic in appearance, that could extend 20 feet in wingspan should she have the room to stretch. Her clothing is reminiscent of old Victorian style meets modern gothic.

(Masked) Sylther appears as a 30-something mature woman. Her hair is usually the same healthy red.

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Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Known History

To Be Updated

Slyther was Embraced in the 1800s. It was believed that she had drowned saving her young son. She had been accidentally buried alive. Her Sire witnessed this, and unearthed her. She had no memory, but her maternal instincts were still very strong. She joined her Sire's nomadic pack, called by others of the Sword only "The Brood," as it was made up of only Áed's childer and grandchilder. The Pack mostly dealt in infiltration, information, extraction, and cover ups. Slyther has not gone into detail, but the Pack had been nearly wiped out destroying several powerful Methuselah. Only she and one broodmate survived. This disaster seemed to cloud more of Slyther's memory.

Modern nights -- 2013: Slyther arrived in the Diocese of Decatur, IL with a small Pack of young Cainites. They called themselves Hit & Run based on their tactics of investigation and guerrilla warfare. Unfortunately, several members died due to hubris. Only Light and Slyther survived. They were later recruited by The Crimson Hand, only to once again be without a Pack as most of them were executed for suspicion of being Blood Breakers, Infernal, or harboring Infernal (Doctor Thornton unfortunately died of Camarilla). The Pack was dispersed by order of the Inquisiton, leaving Light and Slyther. EDIT: It was recently discovered that the Infernal Inquisitor, Alexi, was responsible.

Slyther is well known for her skill in locating those that are impossible to track down, as well as a sort of mother's intuition.

She was once a Templar to the Bishopric before her Bishop, Sylvio of Ventrue Anti, was executed for treachery (no luck at all).

Her political outlook varies depending on the situation, which leads those to believe affinity to the Children of Dracon. She has worked closely with the Inquisition, the Black Hand, Moderates, Order of St. Blaise, and the Occult Underground on various instances.

She was accused of being a Blood Breaker, working with Camarilla, and Heresy. She was named innocent of said accusations, which proved to be personal attacks (by Joshua Quinn) rather than anything with validity. Due to this she has declined the invitation to join the Inquisition.

Given her past history with Packs, she has decided to assist all Packs as needed rather than joining one. If she is cursed it is best she not. On the other hand, there are those that say she is just very good at rooting out the Sword's weakness.

She is known to call those in authority into question, seemingly fearless when she believes they are wrong. Something, it seems, Cardinal Van Zant appreciates. She often has the intel needed for the Diocese, the information ranging from strange to completely unbelievable.

While not actual Oracular Ability, her instincts are spot on. Some say it is a mother's intuition. One that vouches for the validity of Humanity, she often works with the human populace when covering breaches or influence projects. She is particularly fond of children.

At her first Festivo in the Diocese, a game of instinct required that the participants cause the most pain to their human subject as possible with the least amount of loss. She had hers, the driver of the bus that was taken for this event, watch what was done to the others. After the others had finished, she gave him the choice to serve her for his life, or become her childe. She now calls him her son. Rumor has it he is a force to be reckoned with.

During her first Festivo in Decatur, she saved not only her new Childe, but the future Bishop that she named Light. He had no memory, but had a fighting spirit. She took him under her wing and has been incredibly protective of him.

At a Palla Grande, a family was massacred, the little boy left traumatized. She claimed the young child, and he was never seen again.

It was revealed recently that a lot of the paranoia involving Slyther is due to the fact she could not remember her Mortal life, nor some of her Cainite early years. After Leliel Thorn of the Inquisition (Laylah_"Leliel"_Thorn) healed her fractured mind, her personality has taken a sharp swerve. Where once she hid her face behind a black veil and kept to the shadows, she now resonates a certain nobility that rivals a Lasombra. She still carries the fearless, and sometimes standoffish, attitude when she feels another Cainite is acting beneath themselves. Only now she seems to have gained the ability to raise her voice.

She is well known for adopting young Cainites (and, it seems, human children) and raising them to be capable members of the Sword as well as leaders. She has been heard to say, "I have been doing this for centuries."

Festivo of 2016, Slyther kept to tradition and took another Blood Feast victim to be a Childe. The victim was silenced by having his vocal cords modified with Vicissitude, but still fought his bonds. In a room of 15 Cainites, she successfully made him "disappear." It was declared that she earned him as her share after carrying him out of the celebration with no one noticing.


Formerly of The Brood (Sire's Pack w/siblings)
Formerly of Hit & Run
Formerly of Crimson Hand
Was considering Whisper's Pack, but after her death, Slyther is currently Packless Nomad; and if anyone has a problem with it, they can kindly fuck off.


Templar Verbetor Veritum (Arthur Obertus)


Archbishop Light

Bishop Dr. Thornton (posthumous)

Archbishop Moth (Deceased)

Juan Carlos Del Barco




Known as Áed (deceased), Ordained Priest, Ductus of The Brood.


(All of her Children have been rescued in some way prior to Embrace. She does not Shovel Head Mass Embrace.)

Adopted Childer


(She claims that some were killed in a disaster; also of a former Pack.)

Character Inspirations



Light: “She started it!”

(Templar) Slyther: No, you don't.

Vansant: (shocked) Oh, yes, I do--

Slyther: You are not a Prince. You rule nothing here. (Leaves Esbat, later receives Status)


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