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Clan Nosferatu Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 5+2
Domain Richmond
Pack Monstrosity
Path Path of the Hunter •••
Faction Occult Underground
Faction Importance Regional
Player John Esslinger



Sharkface December 2018
Sharkface at Midwinter 2017

Alias(es): None

Real Name: "They call me Sharkface"

Apparent Age: His grotesque physique makes it impossible to tell

Concept: Apex Predator, Nos Done Right

Physical description: Sharkface covers every inch of his flesh with black, hard-wearing clothes that he wears like a uniform. When he is not hidden, people notice his *Magnetic (x4) presence and his signature skull mask and "Bitch, I Eat People" t-shirt. Even behind his goggles, his gaze is *Intense (x3) and even when he is at rest, his body language is that of a *Threatening (x4) predator. Sharkface has a habit of remaining perfectly still, especially when he is listening to someone speak, though his hands frequently clench and unclench unconsciously inside their metal-reinforced leather gauntlets. Recently, he has also been sporting eight black, almost organic cables that protrude from the back of his mask. Close observation suggests they may actually be attached to his skull.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Known History

Who Sharkface was before his embrace doesn't matter in the least, especially to him. He left that life behind and now revels in his nature as a Cainite. He is a monster, and a damn good one. It's a good thing too, because he has had to be to survive all that he has. From the very moment he clawed his way out of the earth, Sharkface has been at war and that's exactly the way he likes it. After surviving his Creation Rites, he joined his sire and the rest of his pack in their nomadic lifestyle. They moved from place to place, sticking it to the Camarilla wherever they could, surviving by being better informed and better prepared than their enemies. During this time, Sharkface earned recognition as a fierce fighter and a clever spy. it was this last bit that brought him to the Camarilla domain of Norfolk. His pack was in the domain, quietly executing intelligence gathering operations when they were discovered after having successfully infiltrated the Prince's manor. When the dust and blood had settled, the rest of his pack was dead, but the information they had sought to retrieve was intact and Sharkface had a new and personal reason for his hatred of the Camarilla.

Spring-Summer 2015:
Sharkface made his presence known in the diocese of Richmond in the aftermath of the Festivo incident. Within the night, he has proven himself as an asset to the diocese, so much so that Bishop Ephraim included him in the formation of his new pack, the Ordis Audivimus, as a prospect. It was not long until he became a full pack member, showing himself to be both cunning and deadly. As befits a Nosferatu, he was frequently found in the background, working tirelessly to address issues the Bishop had deemed a priority while other members of his pack stood in the spotlight.

Fall 2015: As a member of Ordis Audivimus, Sharkface constantly worked to consolidate control of Richmond under his pack. This included participating in an assault on a Giovanni stronghold in rural Virginia as well as several actions, both military and covert, against the Camarilla of Norfolk. Perhaps his most well-known accomplishment during this time was his incapacitation of three incredibly potent ghouls during a raid on the Norfolk rack. During the chaos of the attack, he absconded with their dying bodies and the next thing anyone heard, there were three new Nosferatu in the Warrens of Richmond, screaming through their horrific change.

Winter 2015: Not long after this, the Sabbat finally had their chance to cut the heart out of the Domain of Norfolk. In an unlikely turn of events, it was an Infernalist who provided the opportunity. The Sabbat of Virginia concentrated their efforts on dealing with this powerful demon slave, and with his dying breath, he unleashed a wave of chaos that wreaked havoc with all Cainites who held sway in the mortal world. While some of the Virginia Sabbat were injured by this curse, it hit Norfolk much harder. Capitalizing on this, Ordis Audivimus led their fellow Sabbat on a vicious sacking of the Domain, and many "kindred" of potent blood were put to better use by the Sword that night.

Early 2016: Since the fall of Norfolk, Sharkface has been mostly quiet. It is known that, while his base of operations continues to be in Richmond, he has helped move some of the Sabbat into Norfolk to take the city over. He also continues his work out of the spotlight, seeing to the needs of his pack and of the rest of the Sword with the quiet efficiency his clan is famed for.

Summer 2016: A near-feral Gangrel by the name of Maeve turned up in Richmond. For reasons he has not made public, Sharkface has taken her under his wing and begun instructing her in the fundamentals of his Path.

Late 2016: In the wake of the defeat of Norfolk, a host of new faces have flocked to Virginia, eager to divide up the spoils of conquest and establish new power bases in the newly claimed city. Through all of this, Sharkface has moved like a ghost, offering information and assistance where it is needed and seeing to it that the new arrivals find their place in the Archdiocese without too much turbulence. He has also been seen traveling to other diocese, lending his strength to various fights around the country, especially those involving a number of his fellow Occult Underground members. It is known that during his travels, he has acquired several...interesting items, some of which he seems loath to part with for any length of time.

January 2017: The rush of new Cainites into Virgina seems to continue unabated, and as too often happens in such times, this large influx has caused some turbulence in the Archdiocese. This turbulence came to a head when a challenge of Monomacy was issued by Ductus Stephen Phillips of Perfectus et Fortus against his own packmate, Alex Payne. When the challenge was accepted, Ductus Phillips named Sharkface his champion in the fight and Sharkface went on to settle the matter with finality. While the incident earned Ductus Phillips no friends and ultimately resulted in the dissolution of his pack, it showed once again that Sharkface is a fearsome fighter, further cementing his reputation as one of Richmond's heavy-weight soldiers of the Sword.

March 2017: Representatives from both the Camarilla and Sabbat finally gathered to discuss the emergent threat of the Daeva and hash out the terms of a pact of cooperation against them. Among the Sabbat delegates to this meeting was Bishop Manuel Tiago of Richmond. Sharkface accompanied his packmate for the sake of security. While he said nothing throughout the entire meeting, his sheer presence ensured that several of the Camarilla security team never took their eyes off Sharkface and should it have come to a fight, he undoubtedly would have been the target of some supreme nastiness. Fortunately, both sides managed to remain civil and the meeting was concluded without violence.

December 2017: A new Nosferatu Antitribu made himself known in Richmond, opening his bar, the Fishbowl, to local Cainites. This newcomer called himself Guppyface and claimed to be Sharkface's childe. Given the recent troubles in the area, some Cainites were suspicious of the claim, but the issue was quickly put to rest when one of the locals invoked Sharkface's name thrice only to have him appear out of nowhere and claim Guppyface as one of his. The newcomer also claimed to be a representative of the "House of Face," and offered deals of power and influence on behalf of the Nosferatu to many of the Richmond diocese.

January 2018: Yet another new Nos showed up in Richmond, this one calling himself Murderface. He too claimed to be of The House of Face. Whether this name came from Sharkface himself or his childer is unclear. There has also been some speculation that Murderface is actually Sharkface making use of a disguise. While this very well could be the case, the fact that neither Cainite's true face has ever been seen makes it impossible to say for sure.

Ecumenical Council 2018: Sharkface was seen skulking around Mexico City during Ecumenical Council, seeming to take very little part in the politicking and dealmaking that occurred, though he was several times spotted discussing matters with his packmates. He did make his presence felt during the battle to retake the Black Monastery, appearing where the fighting was thickest and savagely taking down foes. Though he had not been seen fighting for some time, it appeared he had not lost his edge.

Aftermath: Manuel Tiago, Sharkface's closest brother, met his final death at Ecumenical Council. His death sent waves throughout Virginia as the archdiocese struggled to rebuild their shattered leadership. Sharface was nearly nowhere to be seen during most of this as his grief and rage drove him into isolation. Even his fellow Nosferatu lost touch with him for a time. Eventually he resurfaced, pledging his loyalty to the new Archbishop and her Bishops and returning to his role as Ductus of Ordis. However, it was not to be for long. Ordis split soon after as some members took up leadership positions in Virginia and others found new packs to be a part of. Sharkface found himself taking the position of Abbot to Morior Invictus, Ordis' sister pack. While never the most stable of Cainites, Sharkface has been markedly more aggressive and prone to violence since Manuel's death.

Summer/Fall 2018: The change in leadership in Virginia lead to a refocusing of priorities. For too long, the infernalist Gabriel had plagued Virginia, and it became apparent during the summer of 2018 that what little sanity was left to him had finally collapsed into madness. As Gabriel and his misbegotten brood rampaged across the state, the Sword mobilized to check him and eventually end him. During this time, Sharkface spent the majority of his time working in the background to provide intelligence to the Bishopric, emerging only rarely to revel in fights that inevitably turned into bloody slaughters. During the final confrontation with Gabriel himself, Sharkface was sucked into the Umbra to do battle with a spirit that fed upon the infernalist's hatred and insanity. Which combatant was more driven by frenzied bloodlust is still a matter of debate, but it was Sharkface that ultimately emerged victorious.

Winter 2018: After Gabriel's fall, Sharkface has been seen in the open much more frequently than he has in years. Indeed, it appeared as though the Nosferatu drew strength from the the infernalist's defeat and set about making changes for the better in Virginia. Not long after, he parted with Morior Invictus on good terms to form his own pack, Monstrosity, which originally consisted entirely of Nosferatu. They have since grown, though not without the loss of a brother that was felt deeply by the entire pack. Monstrosity's recent activity in Norfolk confirms Sharkface's claim that they have been tasked by the Archbishop to secure a foothold in that city for the Sword, presumably to begin operations to consolidate power in the historically chaotic metropolis.





They might not know who he is, but he certainly knows who they are. And where.


Deceased. Move on.


Character Inspirations

Monsters in the dark, Sociopaths, Sharks, The player's own ideas about what Nosferatu should be, Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters, The Night Haunter, Venom



Total silence and stillness as he stares at you through black lenses.

"Yes, I know."

"I always just assume Sharkface is right behind me."
Manuel Tiego, Bishop of Richmond

"Of course Sharkface is around!"
Abby Saunders

"In the words of Ordis, "pay me." Ordis always gets paid."
Stephen Phillips

"Sharkface has no gender except murder."


1: You have knowledge (Second hand or better) that confirms that Sharkface does indeed exist.
2: You are aware that Sharkface not only exists but lives up to the legends. You might be aware of common stories of Sharkface.
3: You have witnessed Sharkface and lived to tell the tale. You may even be aware of theexistence of House Face and the expected etiquette when dealing with them.
4: You have spoken with Sharkface and perhaps made a good impression. You know his opinions on certain matters and perhaps know the territories he frequents. You are also aware that the Path of Feral Heart is wrong.
5: Only Sharkface may posses this lore as it is necessary to have witnessed Sharkface's true face and have lived to tell of it. This level of Lore is a myth.

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