Shaina Ananda Agans

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Clan Panders
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Status 6
Domain Rochester, New York
Pack The Unchained
Path Power and the Inner Voice
Faction ???
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Player Kaela
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Alias(es): Shaina Ananda Agans, Shenanigans

Real Name: :)

Apparent Age: 20

Concept: The ultimate con artist, the mimic

Physical description: A young woman, with a friendly moon-shaped face. Her red hair often falls into her face. Shaina often changes her clothing style to suit the situation she's currently in, or wears nondescript clothing for when she feels lazy.

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Character Information

Known History

Shaina wandered through Rochester twice before settling down. The first time, she had been kicked to the curb by her former pack in Toronto and was hoping to find a new diocese. She was largely unsuccessful. The second time, Sebastian Andolini of the Unchained took her in. Shaina was in bad shape initially, and her new packmates had to utilize the cup to erode the bloodbond to her sire. In solidarity, many of the pack including her ductus and priest engaged in a more extreme version of the vaulderie as a sign of solidarity as she broke her chains. Perhaps this persistence from her ductus and pack was auspicious, as soon after it was discovered that Shaina had some unique talents.

While visiting for Festivo, the young pander met John Blackstone and Purity Under Granite. When she next saw them at Ecumenical Council, she served as Blackstone's templar for the weekend. After her brief service, she was invited to serve the Bishop in a more permanent fashion. Shaina proved to be vocal during the proceedings, and assisted Simon the Heretic with the security of the platform. Because of this, she found herself managing the queue to speak on the diabolists and the list of individuals that wished to speak. When the testimony ended very early on, her temper spurred her to call out the Vykos and the assembled clergy. Vykos told her that if she had a problem, that she should join the clergy and sit on the dias for the next council. She told the Priscus she would do so, and took her leave. Either the pander has balls of steel, or half a brain for doing so.

She managed to keep her head down for the most part while in Ohio, and helped bind the manticore in July of 2013, but ultimately failed in her chanting. Instead, she put herself as a shield between the beast and Nathan Wise so that he could finish the ritual unmolested.


The Unchained:



Her sire, Vincent Reneau


Vincent Reneau, a toreador anti-tribu from Toronto. When she first arrived, she was tight-lipped about her lineage due to her sire's shame, but after escaping her shackles she often derisively brings up his name.


None known


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Character Inspirations


Quotes from Shaina

Quotes to/about Shaina

Ferghus Finn: "I've never had anyone say that to me before."
Shaina: "What?"
Ferghus Finn: " 'It's a pleasure to meet you' "
Shaina: "AH! Well I wasn't lying!"

Sascha Vykos: You should be Glad we allowed you to speak. If you wish to make your voice known, then join the clergy and perhaps one day you will sit among us on the consistory.
Shaina: Oh, I will Priscus. Just wait.

Blackstone: "We don't need smart panders dying over dumb shit, especially if they are special fucking snowflakes like you."


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