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*Faith - tiLLie
*Faith - tiLLie
*I'm Always Walking as Somebody Else - American Murder Song
*I'm Always Walking as Somebody Else - American Murder Song
*Serpiente - Valley Latini feat. Avi Snow
*All I Ever Wanted (The Villains Lair) - PattyCake
*Shangri-La - Caitlyn Scarlett

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Clan Serpents of the Light
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 4
Domain New York City
Pack Hidden Truths
Path Humanity •••
Faction Ecclesiastical
Faction Importance Local
Player Patience
Sepia Updated.png



Sepia Broussard

Lilly Broussard

Real Name: Sepia B. Kincaid

Apparent Age: 28-30

Concept: An earth centric apothecary who strives to make people the best they can be utilizing the natural resources of nature.

Physical description: Petite with brunette hair and stormy blue eyes. She wears two sets of wooden pendants around her neck, two wooden bracelets and a belt with an engraved buckle around the waist of her long bohemian type skirt. Her top is also bohemian in style and she is often found with a dark shawl hanging over her shoulders.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

  • Initiated Sabbat
  • Feared

Reputational Status:

  • Loyal to the city (NYC)
  • Righteous

Character Information

Known History

Her Sire's pack knows her as his newly embraced childer. He returned to West Virginia from a trip down south with her in early September. She is an accomplished herbalist and makes candles. She now lives in New York city.

Most recently her and her pack worked at discovering the lair and stopping of an Elder Plague Dog in the City using their unique blend of talents. Now, they are presently working on a cure for the disease left behind by the woman as well as helping to settle territorial disputes.


Hidden Truths

  • Alex - Priest
  • Dr. Morgan Crow - Abbot


Her Pack (see above)


Leone - Sire's Ductus

Lucius - Sire


Archbishop Westwood

Father Erebus

Arisu rainey


Setite clan

Jacob Weston - Captive of Hidden Truths

"Mistress of Death, Typhoid Mary" as she calls herself. Taken Care Of


Lucius Kincaid


Kara M. Kincaid - First and only Daughter


  • Eden C. Kindaid
  • Isabell E. Kincaid (has not met)
  • Ash F. Kincaid

She also considers Lucius' two ghouls her siblings of sorts as well as his packmate Diana.

Character Inspirations

A Voudoun Apothecary focused on healing people in the way which they need it


Sepia B. Kincaid

  • Papa Loko - Toto Bissainthe
  • Save My Soul - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  • Congo Square - Sonny Landreth
  • Les flammes d'enfer - The Balfa Brothers
  • Look-Ka Py Py - The Meters
  • Dance De Mardi Gras - The Cajun Playboys
  • Keep the Faith - Rosie Ledet
  • Iko, Iko - Zydeco Dependents
  • La Terre De Mon Grandpere (My Grandfather's Land) - BeauSoleil
  • Les clos de coton (The Cotton Fields) - Magnolia Sisters
  • The Battle of New Orleans - Zachary Richard
  • Same Knife Cut the Sheep Cut the Goat - Horace Trahan
  • Atchafalaya - Absinthe Minded
  • Down in New Orleans (from The Princess and the Frog) - Dr. John
  • Alligator Wine - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  • Mama Roux - Dr. John
  • Mississippi Blues - New Bayou Swamp Band
  • Bayou Blues - Sam White
  • Born on the Bayou - Creedence Clearwater Survival
  • Zu Zu Manou - Dr. John
  • Turnip Greens - Paul Cuddeford, Julien D'Imperio
  • Backwater Mist - New Bayou Swamp Band
  • Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya - Dr. John
  • Rattlin' Bones - Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  • Don't Make Me - Malinda
  • Mess Around - Dr. John and WDR Big Band
  • Faith - tiLLie
  • I'm Always Walking as Somebody Else - American Murder Song
  • Serpiente - Valley Latini feat. Avi Snow
  • All I Ever Wanted (The Villains Lair) - PattyCake
  • Shangri-La - Caitlyn Scarlett


" how ever long science takes?"


Sepia is forging her own Path of Enlightenment.

Sepia has infiltrated a mortal cult of gehenna

Sepia and her pack are formulating a cure for the lasting effects in mortals of plague dogs.
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