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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Concept: Mystic, Botanist

Appearance:She has a calm demeanor that she carries on her small frame. She is the perfect example of looks can be deceiving.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

  • Initiated (True Sabbat)
  • Enlightend

Reputational Status:

  • Feared (Angel of Caine)
  • Battle-Scarred
  • Ominous
  • Scorched
  • Deadly
  • Choosen

Character Information

  • Known Member of the Black Hand
  • Was recruited to the Sabbat by Alexi
  • She is a Gifted member of the Sabbat
  • Well versed as a Priest.

Known History

Not much is known about Samyra. Her Diocese and Pack know more about her and where she came from. It is known that she was initiated into the Sword at Palla Grande in 2013. Proving that she is more gifted than she leads on unless the situation arises. She has been a quiet member of the sword. Earning her place, she has stayed working with those she is closest to. People have started to realize her broken view on her family, some say it is a lack of training and others see it as a deep seeded hatred, yet these events are recent in years. Something else surely happen to stir her anger towards some. She actually meets with many of her Clan regularly and assist in teaching those eager and willing to learn.

She is a known member of the Black Hand due to events that occurred at Festivo in 2015 in the midwest. She no longer attempts to hide the fact. She is very proud in the things she has accomplished and the road that these events continue to open for her. Few know the growth she has taken on sense she was first found in the Sword years ago, the few who know her main works, work well by her side. She has been heard to be serving as an Emissary of the Black Hand to Clergy willing to hear her advice or defending Lands of Nod with her pack.

She deals with the odd and unusual, this has taken an obvious toll. For any who knew her from the day of she brusted from the ground as a member of the Sword, the changes are clear and she does not hide them. She is quite but that does not mean she is not listening. She has calmed her temper during her time away from the public eye, becoming a listening ear and aid to the Clergy of the Sword


First Blood First Kill
Ductus: Nickoli Bloodtalen
Priest: Samyra
Abbott: Jakob Stutzke


Anaisa Pye (Dead)


Serafina Gallo - She stole my pet.

It is rumor that she does not make her enemies know, that if she finds a true enemy that their ashes are all that return from crossing her path.


Sire: Rook
Lineage: Michael Roland Childer

Samyra grey.jpg

Physical Description:
Samyra is usually wearing black flowing palazzo pants and a v neck sleeveless shirt. She still wears a corset, but it is now a silver brocade fabric with a hood. The hood is usually pulled up when roaming the city. Covering her red hair and the khabar that is branded to her face, the mark of the Hashashin rests on top of her right hand, her palm bares the BH Crescent moon . Her arms are covered in tribal tattoos. The right arm has inter mixing tribal bands. Her left arm has 13 5 point tribal stars, 8 of them are all silver, 2 of them have 2 silver points and 3 dark blue points, 3 have 1 silver point and 4 blue points. On a normal night her eyes appear silver, but looked infected and stained in blood. A snake figurine hangs from a golden chain around her neck. Has a great tan going on for a vampire. Obviously on a path.

A Life Left Behind, A Choice Made


Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels
BVB - Ritual
Unsun - Whispers
Unsun - Home
Thirty Seconds of Mars- This is War


Samyra is a Shovel head.
She has a thing for Dragons.
Talks to spirits more than the Kindred around her.

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Assamite Antitribu
Sect: Sabbat ••••• •••
City: Nomad
Player: Denise
Storyteller: SDS Shane West HST



Clan: Assamite Anti
Year Embraced: Early 2000s
Path: Caine 5 Maybe?

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: First Blood First Kill
Faction: Black Hand
Position: Pack Priest

Status: (8)

Initiated, Enlightened,
Chosen, Feared,
Enriched, Ominous,
Deadly, Scorched



Early 2016 she returned with
2 new brands. She does not explain
the one of her hand.
Yet her face carries the words
of the Khabar:

Asabiyya (Loyalty)
Ikhwan (Brotherhood)
Muruwa (Honor)
Hadd (Vengeance)
Mumin (Faith)

"La shay' haqiqah, koulo shay' moumkin"

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