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Clan Assamite Antitribu
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Status 9
Domain Madison
Pack Sons of Caine
Path Path Of Nod •••
Faction Black Hand
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Player Denise Cherry
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Real Name: Samyra

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: Honestly her concept has grown as the character. She deals with the odd and unusual. She is quite but the otherside many never see is the one to worry about.

Physical description: She is a smaller women. Always properly dressed. Her eyes depend on the day of the week you look. She has medium length brownish red hair. She is quite unless you ask her for her opinion.

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Character Information

Known History

Not much is known about Samyra. Her Diocese and Pack know more about her and where she came from. It is known that she was initiated into the Sword at Palla Grande in 2013. Proving that she is more gifted than she leads on unless the situation arises. She has been a quiet member of the sword. Earning her place, she has stayed working with those she is closest to. People have started to realize her broken view on her family, some say it is a lack of training and others see it as a deep seeded hatred.

She is a known member of the Black Hand due to events that occurred at Festivo in 2015 in the midwest. She no longer attempts to hide the fact. She is very proud in the things she has accomplished and the road that these events continue to open for her. Few know the growth she has taken on sense she was first found in the Sword 2 years ago, the few who know her main works, work well by her side. Others she tends to pay less attention to as she has too much to do.


Sons Of Caine
Ductus: Lewis
Priest: Alexi
Abbott: Joseph


Anaisa Pye
Bishop Jack Wisconsin


None that she has been made aware of yet she is sure there area few out there. Would love to take a piece out of a clan member of mine, but she is a tool currently. Serafina Gallo - She stole my pet.




None I refuse to take my time from my studies and training to attempt to teach another. When the night comes I must have a childer then that day will come and go, but for now I need to focus on the things that I need to accomplish for myself, my pack, and the Sword of Caine.


I have 2 neither I feel to speak of. 1 until she sees the darkened road before her I shall leave her peacefully where she is until the night she is forced to again cross my path and a choice she will have to make. The second is young I have not spoken to her much, I hope she becomes a member able to hold herself high in the Sword of Caine, yet that only time will truly be able to tell.

Character Inspirations


Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels
BVB - Ritual
Unsun - Whispers
Unsun - Home



Samyra is a Shovel head.
She has a thing for Dragons.
Talks to spirits more than the Kindred around her.

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