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Clan Nosferatu Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Priest
Status 2+5
Domain Clarksburg, WV
Pack Monstrosity
Path Vizier ••••
Faction None
Faction Importance None
Player Richard P



Rex with his default expression


Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Impossible to discern

Concept: Well-Intentioned Extremist in Sour Armor

Physical description: No part of Rex's actual body is normally visible under the layers of assorted, worn, material that cover him from head to toe: mostly black save for the dull steel of his mask, a candy bracelet on his right wrist, and a single splash of cosmetic red that usually adorns some part of his body or another. Only his eyes can be seen past the mask, and even those only with some difficulty. Those who make the effort to establish eye contact sometimes find his *Intense (x4) stare disquieting, but he seldom goes out of his way to project menace. His passively *Intimidating (x2) bearing only turns actively *Threatening (x2) under special circumstances.
Since December, 2019, there has also been a quality to him, divorced from anything visual (save, perhaps, for something about the way he carries himself) that feels somehow... regal.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:
* Enlightened as Priest of Monstrosity
* Initiated as True Sabbat
Reputational Status:
* Ominous as former Templar to Archbishop Liyu Naya of the Virginias, c. 2019
left in good standing
* Adept at Ritae, c. 2019
by Archbishop Liyu Naya of the Virginias
* Supported as a show of faith, c. 2019
by Ductus Erebus of the pack Nightshade
* Dedicated to Virginia, c. 2019
by Ductus Sharkface of Monstrosity
* Ordained with the support of the Virginia clergy, c. 2019
by Archbishop Liyu Naya of the Virginias

Character Information

Known History

Shortly after his embrace, Rex was left to run with a nomadic pack led by a Ventrue Antitribu, whose lessons greatly shaped his understanding of what it means to be Sabbat. Shortly after being called back to Richmond, he became a founding member of the Forgotten, which he served as Abbot. When that pack dissolved, he received permission from Bishop Manuel of Richmond to operate without a pack until such a time as he found one that suited his purposes. He then spent an extended period away, ostensibly with a nomadic pack called either "the Four of Swords" or "the Five of Swords."

In late 2018, Rex returned -- without his Humanity -- to Richmond at his sire's call for the founding of the pack "Monstrosity," serving as priest and receiving training for the role from Father Erebus. In the final days of the year he was named Templar to Archbishop Liyu Naya of Virginia mere hours before his packmate and pupil Mr. Nobody was sentenced to Final Death. Rex took the loss poorly, the execution of the sentence by his brother's own hand driving him to his very first publicly-known frenzy. He then attended a sectwide party hosted by Loyalist Demagogue Eric Draven, where he seemed to work through some of his grief while establishing stronger relationships with a few brothers and sisters outside of his pack, and by the Binding, he seemed to have largely stabilized.

In early 2019, a ferociously strong friendship with Ductus Shelly Carter became increasingly apparent. He underwent ordination as a priest with the support of the Archdiocese of Virginia's clergy at the end of March in a ceremony performed by Archbishop Liyu Naya with the ceremonial sponsorship of his clanmate, Father Aubrey Sands. Not long after, at the 2019 Ecumenical Council, when a proposal was presented in absentia that Wanga be forbidden as "softcore infernalism" and no one volunteered to champion it, he answered the call of the sect's leadership for someone to present as a "devil's advocate," receiving some acclaim from the attendees for his handling of a matter that risked seriously offending many of the attendees.

Come the summer of 2019, something seemed to weigh on Rex, and after providing intelligence about a Camarilla target in Roanoke, Archbishop Liyu Naya assigned him as her Templar to what might arguably be lighter duty in Clarksburg, West Virginia, to assist in the growth of the young Western Diocese of the Virginias and serve there as her eyes, ears, and -- where necessary -- hands. In the months that followed, though he was somewhat preoccupied by supporting Shelly Carter through a period of significant turbulence, he still took on a leading role in the final defeat of the Giovanni that had plagued the Clarksburg area for over a year. Then, in December, he resigned from Archbishop Liyu Naya's service in pursuit of spiritual growth with fewer distractions.









Character Inspirations


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