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Clan Panders
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Status 10
Domain Ocala, Florida
Pack Ironclad
Path ??? ???
Faction ???
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So far as anyone knows, R. Diver is the only name he's gone by since being Shoveled.

Real Name: R. Diver probably

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: The last man standing/Mad Scientist/Perpetual Dreamer/Repeated Assassination Attempt Survivor/Victim of his own Success...

Physical description: A text book disheveled academic he frequently where's clothing that looks as though it was meant for someone slightly larger than him and his eyes constantly tend to drift off and tune out, only to snap back again from wherever his mind went. When pressed he has a sharp tongue and vicious wit that he does not spare against idiots and stupid mother fuckers alike.

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Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Known History

Coming from Canada to Ocala In April of 2011, R. Diver has quickly been making a name for himself amongst the Sabbat of Ocala, proving himself versatile and deadly all at once. Time and time again he has survived and thrived in Ocala, ascending to serve as a Templar for Bishop Soroush. In early October, 2011.

After spending some time as Abbot of the Flordia Chapter of Death and Ressurection with Aidan Malone as his Ductus, the pack Picked up a third steady member in Ambrose Bierce.

The three of them have reinvented themselves as a Group and now Bear the name of The Fifth Disputation. Furthermore, with the rise of Bishop El Grande Papi Diablo in Ocala to fill the too long vacant seat left by the failed Bishop Soroush, He has been chosen once again to serve as a Templar.

In March of 2012, Diver stepped down as Bishop Papi's Templar, citing spiritual reasons. Those with a Keen eye towards him have remarked upon a distinct change in his attitude wherein he has seem to withdraw from frontline activities at esbats.

After the murder of his Ductus at the hands of an unknown assailant on the night of April 21 2012, He has withdrawn from visibility altogether. Where he has gone and what he is doing is anyones guess... The only thing that is for certain is that blood is on his mind.

After falling largely off the grid for the better part of a year in 2012, He has resurfaced a quieter and more focused Cainite. Surviving a rarely spoken of Monomacy at Ocala's Palla Grande, he has taken to stalking the shadows and rarely making personal appearances. When he speaks, It's usually in subdued tones as an advisor to the Bishop or other prominent members of the Diocese... All the while frequently looking over his shoulder with intense, paranoid eyes.




Aidan Malone

Ambrose Bierce

Joseph Pander



Edward the Saint

El Grande Papi Diablo

Hazel Grayson

Chase Ashford

Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux


Penny G

Mathew St. Hubert

John Blackstone

Dr Nicholas Vicente

Kurt Mehmet

James Johnson



Cyrus Caine

Roman Batyuchenko

Antonio Elias Diego Sanson-delaVega


Dead Hopeless Yutz #1*

Dead Sorry Bitch #2*

Dead Douche-Canoe #3*

Dead Shit Stain #4*

Dead Fudge-Plunger #5*

Dead Cock Holster #6*

Dead Whiny Cunt#7*

The list goes on... but there IS that One thing they all have in common.

"*"= Names have been redacted/altered in the interests of being polite.


Hell if he knows


None yet


Every last one of that he knows about is dead

Character Inspirations

Just a mish mash hodge podge of all my experience in OWBN...


Mordin Solus of Mass Effect 2 and 3

Awake, The Series

Spider Jerusalem of Transmetropolitan

The Scarecrow, as portrayed by Cillian Murphy

Kefka, of Final Fantasy fame

Moriarty, of BBC's Sherlock


The beauty of dreaming

A diatribe in victory

Everday Moxy

The Sound Inside

A Personal Anthem

A Happy Place

Personal Anthem #2

How many Fucking anthems does this guy have?


Diver in a Nutshell

Oh you gotta be fucking Kidding me!?!? Another anthem!?!?

On the inside...

His Game face song

What? You think he got his doctorate in Biochemical Engineering because he wanted to do good for the world? BAH!

Make the Ground shake!

If you have to ask... You'll never know.

From nothing to something.

Hanging with the Pack.

The Makings of a good night part one.

The Makings of a good night part two.

It's hard out there for a Pander

Yet another freakin' theme song... this is getting ridiculous

Let's do science to it!!!

And maybe... Just a little bit of angst...


Just thinking to himself...

True story man...


Never a victim, Never a number

The long and lonely road...

You'd have to really know him.

Fuck The Haters

Good Luck Buddy...

Lots of this.

when does it stop?...



Diver- "REALLY!?! a special snowflake?"

Sister Persephone: "No, he said you're a special, special snowflake."

Aidan- "Yeah dude, you kinda are."

Diver- "..."

Diver- "Ummmm... I'm useful?"

Frank Siegler- "Uh huh... sure."


He coined the term Diabolist.

He mixes a mean drink.

Apparently he seems to think everybody is really sharing a collective dream and that they only wake up when they are asleep.

Is transcendentally bat-shit insane to a depth and level that leaves most Malkavian-Antitribu either in awe, or just plain scared.

Diablerized a Ravnos-turned-Wight with relatively few complications.

Survived a suicide mission against a Carthaginian Elder without so much as a scratch.

Shot an Infernalist into Torpor while hanging off the side of a building.

Is not actually a Pander at all, but a Truly Fucked up Malkavian Antitribu.

Actually has a Unicorn named Twinky.

Apparently, he does some SERIOUSLY weird shit in the Laboratory he's crammed into the Crawl space of his Packs communal haven.

Is the result of Three Malkavian-Anti's and two Toreador-Anti's putting their blood in a Vaulderie chalice and embracing him with it.

Received his Doctorate in Biochemical Engineering with a focus on Anesthetics and Tranquilizers.

Once got Isaac To arch an eyebrow in surprise... Cainites from Ocala know just how hard it is to do that.

You know those strange, disturbing experiments he sometimes alludes to? Yeah... They're real.

Has become so incredibly paranoid due to being hunted by no less than three separate highly powerful individuals that he moved to Iceland and lives underground in a self made bunker only coming out to feed on the residents of a nearby fishing village.

Died in a fight against infernal forces in Ocala... by friendly fire.

Utterly destroyed all competition at the NYC 2012 Palla Grande in the Hidden Games of Instinct. His reward? Who knows?

Is a running contender for 2012's "Most Interesting Cainite in the world" award... Though he isn't aware of it.

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