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Clan Ravnos Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 8
Domain Nomadic
Pack Dirge
Path Path of Nod ••
Faction Occult Underground
Faction Importance Dean (Regional)
Player Michelle Atkinson



Patience EC 2017

Grandma, The Old Hag, Witch in the Woods

Real Name: Patience

Apparent Age: Around 68 years of age


Physical description: Patience is a 68 year old gypsy woman. She tends to walk barefoot and carries a 6 foot walking stick.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Patience Palla Grande 2017

Known History

Patience rose with 4 others from a Creation Rite for shovelheads on April 1st, 2007 in Atlanta GA. They formed a pack called "Caines Fools". Almost a year later, the pack fell in battle. The only one who survived was Patience. She moved to South Georgia afterwards to make her home. She traveled up and down the eastern seaboard telling and gathering stories from fellow Sabbat. But her heart, home always laid in Georgia.

Recently, a new diocese has come to her home area, and she has come back from her walk-about to help them with the endeavors of making South Georgia Sabbat territory again.

EC 2016: Patience mostly stayed beside other clan mates and gave warm welcomes to all that came around the table of magical items. She spoke out during the second night of giving a 3 month time for those new to a diocese or to the sword to find a pack so they could find one that fit with them. It was denied by the Council.

2016: Upon hearing of a grave threat in Ohio, Patience made her way to Columbus to help keep a Manticore trapped from the Daeva who seeked to release it. She and a small group of individuals were able to help a Priscus make several small magical items for the warriors to defeat the Daeva outright. Once the task was done and esbat was concluded, rumor has it she went back and spoke with Carmitru and became a member of the Occult Underground.

Greece (NOLA 2016): She came in and seemed to set politics aside to achieve the goal of find out information on a dead clan. This goal was accomplished and was able to be given to the quorum between Priscus Vykos, Dracula, and Noddist Beckett. She was contacted to negotiate for a piece of information and was able to return with a fragment of the dead clans symbol so that it could be presented to the quorum in its entirety.

New Orleans (NOLA 2016): After talking with Tally the Hound and a small group, Patience brought together members of the sword (Under the Hound) for a meeting dealing with the new global threat. She spoke to many to find out how much they all knew and brought this information to the Sword. Later in the evening, Sabbat, Camarilla, and Anarch all sat and discussed the making of a new Treaty, she stood with her brothers and sisters to bring down, what would soon be knows as, the Daeva.

EC 2017: Patience came in and warmly greeted all of her Brothers and Sisters she had worked with over the past several years. She could be found at a back table speaking with all who would sit with her and sharing stories of the past year. For several hours she was followed around by Bishop Roan of New York to attend the Cathari Party, and Patience's stubborness won. During the second night, she helped several raise their voice to be heard and showed them how to get their issues addressed. At one part, Patience spoke up and reminded the Council that there was already ritae Bishops and higher had for what they wanted and was more restricted on the one losing their initiated. She talked with an Inquisitor both before and after that moment and from those discussions received the Status: Discerning.

NYC 2017/2018: Attended the Loyalist New Years Eve party.



Ductus: Patience

Priest: Cooper

Abbot: Kord Hall







Andre Linoge (Deceased)


Maybe more


Character Inspirations

Ms. Daisy from Driving Ms. Daisy

Grandmother from Mulan

Grandmother from Moana

Sophia from Golden Girls



"I walk lightly and carry a big stick."

Bangs walking stick twice on the ground "I said NOW!"

"Maybe all you need is a little patience."

"Please, come sit with me. Tell me of your troubles..."

"I would love to hear that story."


The embrace did not fix all her wounds.

Patience pretends to have joint and leg problems.

Patience loves to have people pull 1 card from her tarot deck.

Caused an enemy to claw its own throat out by glaring.

Patience always has a deck of tarot cards with her and pulls from it often.

Looked in the eyes of an Archbishop who asked her what she can do for the Sabbat and said "I like to read peoples souls. Pick a card."

Is Loyalist but will not admit it.

Has been marked by a Tzimisce.

Secretly a 25 year old woman who masquerades as an old woman.

Wields dead magics and when irate, will cause an inferno in the room she is in.

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