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"Enlightenment." In the history of the Sword of Caine, the longstanding tradition of abandoning one's Humanity is seen as a way of "Enlightenment," an acceptance of being a Cainite and the monstrocity that entails. It is a way to become closer to one's true spiritual self, though the methods and manners are a matter of choice (in a sense) for each Cainite. To control (or embrace) one's Beast, one must follow a Path of Enlightenment suitable to her nature. The Sabbat's focus on the spiritual is a reflection of this need, and so it is a matter close to the Clergy's metaphorical heart. One of the major duties of the Clergy is tending to the spiritual aspect of the Sect as a whole. For example, one of the main duties of a Pack Priest is to guide his packmates onto Paths suitable to their natures.

The following consists of a list of Paths and their standing within the Sabbat. Major Paths consist of the most widely of the accepted Paths within the sect, whereas the Minor Paths list (though still accepted) moralities followed by a minority of Cainites in the Sword. Heretical Paths list those paths which are considered "heretical" (and thus subject to cause punishment by the Inquisition) and whose practice is banned within the Sabbat, rather than simply discouraged. On the other hand, the New Paths are relatively new (in a sense) as acceptable. (OOC: The "New Paths" are Paths from 2nd Ed which are now accepted under new names for Sabbat players.)


Major Paths

Minor Paths

Heretical Paths

New Paths

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