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Clan Serpents of the Light
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Status 11
Domain Rochester, New York
Pack The Nameless
Path Honorable Accord •••••
Faction The Pander Movement
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Player Bucky
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Alias(es):Walther Pasternak, Walther, Cash, Papa Cash, The Thrall of Dostoevsky

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid Thirties

Concept: Sabbat Ecstatic

Physical description: Relatively handsome biracial fellow. Usually appears masked as a generic person of random race in an understated off the rack suit.

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Character Information

Known History

Known more for being Enigmatic than anything else, Pasternak arrived along with then Packmate Francisco Tango to help in the Crusade effort. He became an ordained Priest early in his career, and has risen to be one of the most vocal Priests in the demesne. Most recently he was installed as Bishop during the celebration of the Palla Grande 2012. After a falling out Pasternak has rejoined the laity.


The Nameless


Pasternak considers that all True Sabbat of the Diocese of Rochester may count him as ally, and he theirs.


Anyone who does not follow the Code of Milan
The Camarilla of Buffalo






Lord D. Alexander Gregory
John Hunter, Bane of the Camarilla

Character Inspirations


J.D. Macpherson's music
The works of Tchaikovsky
Anything by ICP with the word Voodoo in it.


To use a short quote would do an injustice to how criminally verbose he tends to be.

"Wow, you... actually sound like that... all the time... wow." From a Camarilla Nosferatu concerning his conversion to the Sword of Caine.


Many Cainites have assumed he is Clanless.

Pasternak is actually a Setite pretending to be a Serpent of the Light.

He has never used a power of the blood on a fellow Cainite, in anger or otherwise.

He has used powers of the blood to create a cult of personality in Rochester making all of it's Cainites his thralls.

Many have said, and it is often said on his behalf, that he is actually incapable of lying.

Templar Worthington raided his Haven and held a party there while scouring the place for anything heretical, infernal or otherwise damning. Pasternak thanked him for efforts and adherence to the code.

Pasternak is somehow immune to the Vaulderie and uses the sacred ritae to bound his brethren in thralldom.

His level of Self-Control is legendary, rumored to be greater than any other living Vampire, regardless of Sect.

One of the few Paragons of Honorable Accord.

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