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Clan Ravnos Antitribu
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Status 5+4
Domain Nomadic
Pack Seekers of Maya
Path Mayaparisatya •••
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Alias(es): None Known Currently

Real Name: Niranjan

Apparent Age: Mid-30s

Concept: Demonologist, Kshatriya

Physical description: If you discount the ragged scars that track down the left side of his jaw and throat, he is a rather average-looking man of Indian descent. Though, he usually eschews the standard garb of his people for a more relaxed 'Americanized' attire.

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Character Information

Known History

Niranjan came to the America's in early 2013 after his Initiation in India. Arriving in a land stricken with a lack of his Brothers and Sisters, he has been striving to make connections and prove himself a useful member of The Sword. With the exception of his attendance at the Ohio gathering in July however, he has yet to make much of a public splash. He served quietly as a Bishop to Archbishop Mishka for a time in Central Georgia, but after the death of the Archbishop moved into a role more fitting for him (in his opinion).


Niranjan is a Nomadic true to the Ravnos Antitribu roots and has expressed his lack of a Pack, and the issues he has had in resolving this problem, publicly several times. And finally, near the end of October in 2013, he has found himself the Ductus of a Pack...the aptly named "Seekers of Maya."


There are several outside his small pack he has conversed with on occasion and they seem to have aligned goals.


Hypocritical Elders, the Infernal, Infernalists, Giovanni, the usual.


Not Publicly Known


None Publicly Known


None Publicly Known

Character Inspirations

Generally the more recent of the released information on Clan Ravnos. The Revised Clanbook and their portion in Thives in the Night helped plant the seeds of an idea, which blossomed later on into a full concept.



"I succeeded because I believed I could. Because my will was strong enough to allow me to exert my belief into reality. You failed because your will was weak, because you had no conviction of faith."


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