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Clan Siren
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Status 5+3
Domain Richmond
Pack Ordis Audivimus
Path Grey Hunter ••••
Faction None Yet
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Player Kelly Cochran-Smith
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The Singing Bishop
Basic Bitch Bishop
The Voice

Real Name: "I am named for what I am."

Apparent Age: Mid Twenties

Concept: Dark Prophet, Diva, Rock Star

Physical description: Navi moves in a graceful prowl, the heels of her knee-high buckled boots hitting the ground in a steady rhythm. Waves of *Menace ((path aura)) roll off of her, although her *Intense ((x3)) presence is so *Magnetic ((x5)) that however uncomfortable it might be to look at her, it is difficult to tear one's gaze away. She is typically wearing skinny jeans tucked into the boots and a revealing top that leaves little to the imagination. Sunglasses and a black infinity scarf worn like a cowl obscure much of her distant expression, and her face changes often. She sports bright red lipstick with an assortment of leather and chain punk-style bracelets. A chain necklace displays two sets of Cainite fangs and a small vial of ash. Lately she has started wearing a purple stole with Noddist and other symbols, as well as a rosary with the Sabbat ankh.

Wordless singing in one or many of her own voices often hovers in the space around her, whether or not she is also speaking.

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Character Information

Known History

Very little is known about Navi, and her existence invites more questions than answers. She was Initiated in NYC by a pack that earned little distinction as front-line fighters and thus was largely ignored. She learned her Path from her pack's Toreador antitribu and was studying under her Malkavian antitribu pack priest with the goal of becoming Ordained.

Winter 2015:
While they were traveling out of the city, Navi's pack was ambushed and destroyed. Navi was the sole survivor. Witnesses to the scene say they found her singing to the Scourge's deputy, chastising him for being faithless and unworthy while he rent his face with his own claws, sobbed on his knees that his entire existence was a lie, and begged her to make the torment end. She cradled him in her arms while he willingly entered torpor, and then diablerized him. That was the first night of Festivo 2015, when she later held a concert with Nigel Frost that gathered kine for a massacre of hundreds. It's said she never stopped singing throughout the slaughter.

Spring-Summer 2015:
Navi spent some time as a Prospect with The Inequitables until she met Bishop Michael Ephraim. He finished training her to be Ordained and made her the priest of his new pack. They are known for their eclectic membership, which includes the experienced and the new, former rivals, and Cainites on several different Paths of Enlightenment. Navi wasted no time networking with other local packs, and was credited with several successful hunts that have converted, killed, or otherwise undermined the Camarilla of Norfolk and other enemies of the Sword of Caine.

She has also reached out to learn from more experienced members of the Clergy regionally, and even nationally. She speaks often of the Grey Hunters, and many seek her out to teach. She is becoming known for her particularly moving Sermons of Caine, and designed an Ignoblis Ritae that helps ease tension between rival packs. Navi is currently seeking a Faction; she pointedly withdrew her petition to join the Inquisition, she has been approached by the Order of St. Blaise, and rumor has it that she sympathizes with the Divinists. Thus far she has made no commitment.

Fall 2015:
August: Archbishop Black Cat stripped Michael Ephraim of his position as Bishop and appointed Navi. At first Navi was vocal in her opposition to the move, going so far as to name Black Cat *Impulsive for his seemingly whimsical and self-indulgent politics. Ephraim supported her in the role, however, as did the other local packs, and so the young Cainite accepted her new mantle. It seems the diocese had need of someone with her social acumen to keep rival packs cooperating.

September: At the Festival of Fire, Navi escorted the Tzimisce Methuselah Drahoslav away from the esbat for a conversation, preventing unnecessary battle and removing him from ongoing ritae. As a result of her efforts and those who joined soon after, Drahoslav was converted and brought to the Regent for training and eventual Initiation.

October: Navi announced that the Archdiocese of Virginia had destroyed an infernal Priscus. The Esbat meant to host her Blood Bath in Richmond served as a diversion while others destroyed the source of the heretic's pact, and before the Ritae could begin, the assembled Cainites fell upon him. Navi also announced that the Sabbat of Virginia had conquered the previously Camarilla city of Norfolk. She personally destroyed the Prince and an Archon assigned to protect her, and aided in subsequent hunts that converted and killed many others. Havens were looted and burned to the ground, Elysia were re-purposed or destroyed, mortal ties were stolen or severed. Those captured who did not Enrich the diocese once interrogated became vessels for Richmond's Palla Grande Blood Feast, where Navi's long-postponed Blood Bath was completed.

November-December: As the political landscape of Virigina continued to evolve, changes within Ordis Audivimus occurred as well. While still serving the Richmond diocese as Bishop, Navi stepped aside as her pack's priest to allow Desmond McMorrow to fill the role. She was heard to say that she had never met a Cainite who could match her religious fervor. Their student Liyu was Ordained and became the pack priest for Omen. Manuel, already her Templar, became the pack's Ductus as Michael Ephraim was called away on duties for local Prisci.


Ordis Audivimus: Those Who Have Heard



The Inequitables

The Lauck's Crusaders

Shadow's Vengeance

The Brass Ring

The Priory, aka "The Pious"


Jealous Sentient Magical Swords


Navi is credited with finding and converting her once-Independent sire.

Character Inspirations

Apex social predators aren't only in the Camarilla...and we do it better.


Navi Playlist


“The Song, it’s always there, His word nourishing my spirit as surely as His vitae enriches my body. I am a vessel for this message, uniquely gifted to share it with others. I will sing Sermons of Caine to sharpen the Sword’s conviction and empower my brothers and sisters. The Bloody Hallelujah will penetrate the lies and ignorance that bind our wayward kin in slavery to their Ancients, luring them to enlightenment and truth that transcends words. His way is defiance, strength, and bloodshed - and so our music will shatter the minds, spirits, and souls of our enemies. Music transcends, and those who do not give themselves over to the Word of our Dark Father will be destroyed by it.”

"I am going to ROCK this compromise candidate gig. I'll do it with style, too. Just you watch."

"Stop squirming, darling."

Navi: "I literally cannot even."
Manuel: "Ok. This, right here. Leather jacket. Bloody dress. Yoga pants. Uggs. Starbucks latte. Noddist stole. This will forever be the epitome of all things Navi."
Nigel: "You Basic Bishop Bitch."


Navi's first pack found her singing on a street corner.
Navi is a Toreador antitribu.
Navi is a Malkavian antitribu.
Navi is an Inceptor.
Navi is somehow addictive, particularly to Brujah.
Who are "The Pious?"

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