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Clan Panders
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Status 12
Domain Rochester, New York
Pack Original Sin
Path Death and the Soul •••
Faction Occult Underground
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Player Doug Calderon
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Apparent Age: 26

Concept: Modern Occultist, Sociable Face for a Misunderstood Organization

Physical description: Dark olive toned and standing roughly 5'10" with a medium build. Often seen wearing heavy eyeliner and black painted nails, amongst a more eclectic mix of modern hipsteresque clothing. Since his ascension to Templar of the Arch Bishop, he wears designer clothing, dark vest and tie accented by a green stripe.

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Character Information

Known History

Several years ago, Nathan was a member of Lazlo Baptiste's pack. He learned to be a priest within 'The Will of Caine'. After a stint of traveling, he returned to Rochester with allies Faruk and Kefentse, and they eventually formed pack 'Original Sin', named for Eves defiance in taking of the Fruit of Knowledge. While in Rochester, he quickly made a name for himself as the Occult scholar and resident Witch of the Underground, freely assisting brothers and sisters on the matters of spiritual and mystical. When Archbishop Moltke came to Rochester to lead, he elevated Nathan to be his templar for advisement on the arcane and as a enlightened Priest of the Diocese.

Nathan has been known to specialize in matters of the Fae, and


Original Sin



Has a tenuous relationship with a certain Fae court

Character Inspirations



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