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Clan Salubri Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain Central Virginia
Pack Purity Under Granite
Path Honorable Accord ••••
Faction Pander Movement
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Player Ben C
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Purity Under Granite - Adrienne, Mathew, John, Shannon
Mathew & Vicente


Real Name: Mathew St. Hubert

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Unholy Paladin

Physical description: Mathew has dark, angular features typical of Southern France. He was tall for his time, standing about 6'0. He rarely closes his third eye while at Esbat, and he can be found always wearing his Pack's cut of 'Faith and Fire' and 'Purity Under Granite'. A chain reliquary dangles from his left wrist, and nearly always wears gloves. Upon the opening of his hands, two fully functional, masterfully crafted (Body Crafts 7) mouths open up, and seem to be endlessly hungry. Perhaps in memory of his former life, he wears a WW II medical bag over his shoulder, where he keeps several old tomes in latin that he pours over when he has a moment to reflect upon the world. Often soft spoken, the Knight's third eye often glows when holy vengeance grows within his chest.

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Character Information

Known History

Mat was embraced during the Second World War while he was in the trenches in France. He was found by the local Lasombra, and treated as a Body Guard and Fodder for several decades before his third eye opened when Adonai's call finally reached him. He met up with Adrienne while still in Europe, and they formed a pack with several other now deceased Sabbat. They encountered Shannon during a raid of a small Tremere Chantry - she was a cast off experiment. Wanting nothing to do with the politics of Europe, the pack headed west and reached the Americas where their new Ductus was initiated into the pack - John Blackstone.

Since arriving within Northern Virginia, the Fury has continued to work on both Purity Under Granite's and his own Enlightenment, while gathering what information he can upon the Ritus of the Sabbat. While not a Noddist, he has shown more than a passing interest in the history of the Dark Father.

And oddity amongst his own kind as his eye has been known to glow both Red and Blue, the Priest regularly visits the Diocese of New York, learning from the Cainites there, as well as further West. Having been one of the attending members during the Gathering in September 2012, the Salubri has voiced his concern about the Diabloist, and will be attending the upcoming Council.

November 2012: He received a crafted blade by Midnight Progeny. Considering how often he speaks with the more militant members of the Sect, perhaps he is planning something.

December 2012: He was anointed Templar to Bishop Rebbecca King of Fredricksburg

January 2013: Purity Under Granite traveled to the Diocese of New York to visit their Sister Pack. While there were several meetings - between Bishops and Ducti, Bishop and Priests, it was the conversation and meeting of the Abbots that was the spiritual highlight that evening. While being chastised, the emotionless Knight received insight on what drove an Abbot, beyond the mere need for security. Some have the urge to aid others, not in Spiritual Enlightenment, but is more physical and mundane matters. The missing piece of the Truth of the Trifecta of the Pack.

Afterwards, Ductus Blackstone and Mathew were asked to join Midnight Progeny for the fight against the Nosferatu Elder. The plan was wise, having the Army of the Nosferatu to do battle with the Flesh Cathedral. The Sword of Caine used the might of mind and tactics. Rather than be caught between the two forces, they allowed their foes to weaken each other, then destroyed them. Within the Cathedral, Midnight Progeny and Purity Under Granite battle light forces until they came to a tree and a flesh crafted garden. The Nosferatu had brought a suitcase bomb, and all who could not resist the blast were told to flee. somehow, the Ductus and Priest of Midnight Progeny were able to remain, ensuring the blast did not take down the sewers and city above.

The Binding in Mexico (( Midwinter)) saw members of Faith and Fire in attendance. However, they seemed to clash with the Keys of Solomon again. Hidden meetings, whispered words and promises of power. Would the pack fall to the Diabloists offer?


John Blackstone (Ductus)
Mathew St Hubert (Priest)
Adrienne Bradovitch (Abbot/Warden)
Shannon (Abbot/Sgt. at Arms)
Bruce (Member)
Jimbo Jones (Prospect)

Sister Pack: [[1]]








Character Inspirations

Archetypical Paladins from Catholic History




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