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Clan Giovanni Antitribu
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Status 7
Domain Nomadic
Pack Black 13
Path Caine ••
Faction Occult Underground
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Player Corey Karels
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Mateo Chavez

Real Name: Mateo Chavez

Apparent Age: Younger 20's

Concept: Aztec priest, Giovanni Hunter, Sabbat Fanatic Convert

Physical description: Mateo is a Cainite that won't be mistaken for a living being anytime soon. Not only is he effectively a walking corpse, but he casts no reflection, has a cold breeze about him, an eerie presence, and his touch is like the cold chill of death itself. His palor has somewhat of a ~Ghastly~ appearence. His other eye appears decaying & milky white in death, but still moves and looks in tandem with his "living" eye. He appears to be of american/hispanic descent, wearing worn jeans, shoes, and a blue hoodie, that looks like it's had way to much blood washed out of it. The only commonly visible weapon at his side is a Tecpatl, which is an Aztec dagger with a double sided blade (about 9 inches long total) While an effective weapon, anyone familiar with Aztec/Mesoamerican stuff would note that it also was one of the more common ceremonial/sacrifice knives carried by warrior-priests.*

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Status Flaw

Character Information

Mateo has one personal goal. Doing whatever it takes to wipe out Clan/Family Giovanni (and the Camarilla)

Mateo has switched to the Path of Caine. Mateo has joined the Occult Underground.

He's a devout believer in Mesoamerican faiths. Commonly referring to Christianity as the "Paganistic heathen new-age belief", he generally does not endear himself to many.

Known History

Joining the Sword of Caine around September of 2009, he quickly established himself as something of a brute. For the first year of his time among the Sword, he completely turned away from his Necromatic heritage and relied upon other skill-sets for survival.

Upon entering the Twin Peaks Diocese of Duluth/Superior, Mateo joined a number of newly arrived individuals. It seemed that rarely did a whole pack move to Duluth, instead, people seemed to trickle in. Because he was a "new face", Mateo kept his... Clan lineage quiet, instead, using brutish tactics and effective violence to instill the belief that he was a Brujah, without actually claiming anything.

After successfully winning a game of instinct, where all the new-individuals were judged for pack-placement (effectively, Try-outs). Mateo garnered himself a place within the pack: "Dirty Tentacles", led by the Nosferatu Cal-a-mari. The Dirty Tentacles pack was a pack of rabble-rousing skirmishers who's tenets were simple, yet effective & telling. They were to stupid to fail, to effective to lose, to powerful to fall, and believed in simple & direct tactics to effect positive results.

With nothing but successes behind him, a night borne of rage & anger at failure cost him the "perfect record". An attack against the Anarch's of St. Cloud, MN had failed. They were ordered out by Bishop Archer of Duluth. (Not "the" Archer, a different one.) Mateo would not allow such a failure to mar the Sword's track record. They had come to far, done to much to fail. And so he returned to St. Cloud and bathed it in a rain of cainite blood, for a night of reveling in carnage. Single-handedly taking down a dozen vampires, he believed them all to be of the Anarch's who had made the Sword lose face.

Such was not to be. Four of the cainite's slaughtered without remorse or hesitation happened to be a pack of sabbat stationed within St. Cloud. Mateo did not know of their existance, having believed all of the sword to have removed themselves from the area. And so, Mateo returned to Duluth in shame, punished by Duluth Bishop Archer (now Archbishop) through being titled as "Probationary".

Shortly after that, Mateo left Duluth for private reasons, and he returned a year later, looking as if he had been standing in the doorway between life & death.

Having found that the Diocese of Twin Peaks had ~Fled~ the area, and settled in "Bemidji" of all places, He started to become a bit more agitated at the... weakness of the Sabbat and the inability of the Sword to recover Duluth. Labeling Bemidji the land of "rest & relaxation"... the Retirement of those of the Sword, Mateo has since left them behind, and ventured out to see where his skills & methods may best serve the Sword of Caine.

So far, He's assisted a Bishop of Whitewater (Midwinter 2011), a place where his abilities, seemingly rare in that group, turned out to be quite helpful.

Probably his "proudest" moment was the human-sacrifice of a great many human's to "the old gods". This happened in the Aftermath of the Camarilla's recovery of ex-justicar Lucian. Mateo advocated a harsh response to bolster the troops in view of this defeat, so picked a city and the whole of the Sword in the area decimated it. Leaving only handfuls of people alive to carry the tales of that night forward, the Sword had utterly broken the Masquerade, straining the already taxed resources of the Camarilla. Although, very few of the Camarilla actually know of the sheer brutality of the event. They probably couldn't handle knowing that through saving the life of Lucian, that they had forsaken the lives of close to 3,000 souls. Was it worth it? The life of a washed up has-been Malkavian, for the Masquerade breeches & deaths of so many?

July 3rd, 2012 update, across the sabbat list: This Saturday was a day of Miguiztli in Cuauhtli. Death rised and provided life through the shadow of My soul. It was a night of transformation between old endings and new beginings. The soaring eagle proclaimed this as time of mastery. Of one's self, of one's environment, and of one's own spirit. I made an offering to the gods of my own flesh & blood, something to sever remaining ties to the past and to usher in the future. Through that sacrifice, I have crossed the precipice, shredded my last ties to the morals of the cattle. Through a ritual sacrifice, I have cemented my journey on this path. A new begining to replace an ending, and I walked the line between this world and the next. Although I am naught but a novice in my understanding, I have taken the first steps of this journey. My thanks to those who assisted me in this.

The Journey to understand the ways of Our Dark Father.

06/30/12 - Switched from Humanity to Path of Caine

07/12/12 - Joined the Occult Underground

-- Mateo Chavez ~ The Penitent


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Lucian Suarez
Warren Van Kirk


Anything Not the Sword of Caine


Diablerized by a Sabbat Lasombra during a raid on the small town where Mateo grew up.


Not named for their protection. But they're out there.  :-D I have three!


None surviving

Character Inspirations



"I will convert or kill every Giovanni I find... Preferably kill."
"Your new-age heathen faith of christanity means nothing to me."
"I love Christian members of the Sabbat. How goes "thou shalt not kill"?"


Mateo is working on a necromancy ritual to steal power from other cainites without resorting to diablerie

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