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Clan Lasombra
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Status 9
Domain Nomadic, Brazil
Pack ?
Path Caine •••••
Faction Inquisition
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Player Júlio Nicolodi
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Julio as Marvin


Real Name: Marvin

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Cold Shadow

Physical description: Pele Alva com veios negros espalhados por um rosto duro porém fascinante e magnético, olhos negros, vermelhos em volta da Iris, sempre vestindo negro, as sombras sempre se agitam a sua volta e pequenas espículas de gelo, se formam por onde anda e onde toca. Uma presença maligna emana dele (mácula de corrupção, Mão de Hades), parece corromper a todos, a grama, plantas, insetos e animais morrem a sua volta.

white skin with Black-veined spread over a hard face but fascinating and magnetic ,black eyes with red halo, always wearing black, the shadows always shake around and small spicules of ice formed where you're going and where it touches. An evil presence emanating from it (taint of corruption and Hand of Hades), it seems to corrupt all, grass, plants, insects and animals die in your presence.

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Character Information

Known History


Arautos da Agonia (Heralds of Agony), Pack nomad from northeast of Brazil
Arautos logo 3.jpg
Marvin in Florianópolis/2012




All Hereges.




Heralds Card - Marvin

Character Inspirations

Tony Montana in Scarface


In Tenebris, Rhapsody Of Fire

Patches, Clarence Carter


- I'll be your arm, your hand and your eyes I am at your disposal to take your banner and bring the power of the Inquisition for this continent, by the grace of God and of our Dark Father. (Marvin for Lady Mercy)

I swear willingly serve God and Cain, and be the seeker of Truth of the Servant of God and the Dark Father , the Ruler of the Sword of Caine .

I vow to be the Crusader Against Heresies .

I swear mercilessly hunt down heretics, enemies of God and Cain . I vow to be the Right Arm of the Regent armed with the whip of purification.

I swear act without mercy , but to be fair , as I also swear dig deeper to root out any root Heresy that is planted in the Sword of Caine .

I swear to be heard my name and the Inquisition , the chill that emanates from me will seep into the hearts of demons and heretics , and the name of Marvin cause terror to the enemies of the Regent and Cain.

I swear to be primarily an agent of the Holy Inquisition , and I is the bond of union of the Sword of Caine wherever I go .

I swear I 'll give my blood and my shadows will be as fire and water purifier clearing land of heretics stains , for the good work of the Regent , for the growth of the Sword and the COMING OF CAIN !



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