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Clan Brujah Antitribu
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Status 3
Domain New Haven CT
Pack Sanguinis Angeli
Path Path of Ishtar
Faction ???
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Player Jenn L
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Alias(es): Marissa Holbrook

Real Name: Marissa Ashford

Apparent Age: 20s

Concept: Former punk gang member with not so shadowed past

Physical description: There is only a lingering shadow of the hot-headed punk that Marissa used to be. A leather jacket and some shit-kickers. The petite brunette with a lot of fire has shed her chains.

Detailed Status:

Reputational Status:

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Character Information

Known History

Little is known of one of the founding members of the Ashford family other than her most recent activities in the Camarilla. Once known for her carefree nature and the trouble she would stir up, she had a passion for stamping on Camarillan ideals and spitting in the face of hierarchy. Her years in Hartford resulted in many dead allies and clanmates and Marissa was quickly hardened to the system. With each personal loss, Marissa rallied less against the Camarillan oppression but began molding it to her personal goals. Her cunning placed her in positions of leadership where she used under-estimation to her advantage. In her eleventh hour, Marissa took the throne of Hartford rallying both elders and neonates sworn to be enemies to rise as one to save a dying city. And then, in a moment, she was gone, taking with her many secrets and details of a war rekindled. Marissa has a lot to prove. But it is clear that her rebirth as a Sabbat sister has awakened much more than just a desire for freedom and a passion to tear down the Ivory Tower.


== Sanguinis Angeli ==

Keyuri ~ Ductus

Chase Ashford ~ Priest

Nikolai ~ Abbot

Echo/The Machine ~ Member

Amir Qdar ~ Member

Roan ~ Member

Rook ~ Member

Celest Ashford ~ Member




Sir Edward Scott The Black Prince of Wales


Janette Ashford, Tory S Ashford, Donovan P Ashford, Celest Ashford, Chase Ashford, Damon Shaw

Grand Childer

Charity Ashford, Victoria Ashford, Sacha Ashford, Mica Ashford, Lydia Ashford, Lilah Ashford, Thea Ashford, Sophia Ashford, Tempest, Carl VonShafer


Tobias Ashford

Character Inspirations


Elastic Heart - Sia

The Catalyst - Linkin Park

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

Like the Way You Lie - Eminem

Beating Hearts - Ellie Goulding

Pieces - RED


"I'm calling you a fucking idiot to your face and you're giving me status!?" - to Prince Chekov in Elysium

"Really!?! Bickering over who has the bigger mortal cock? That's peacetime crap."

"I've got badass muscle coming out of my ears and god damn it I'm ready to pave highways. The one thing I don't have is the fucking patience to deal with this backstabbing BULL. So what's it going to be? It's time to get back the fuck to work."

" I will not buy this throne in a back room with idle threats and bluffs. And I will take it by blood if that is the rightful honor that Jasper seeks." - and the last of honor in the Camarilla is lost.

"I don't need to kill her. She doesn't deserve that kind of peace. She needs to suffer much more than just that."

"Now that we have the blame assigned do we want to do something about this shit or are you building a legacy on pointing fingers?"


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