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Past Era
Born in what is now Mexico City in the mid 16th Century, Maria was raised by strict Spanish Roman Catholics who had come to the New World in the hopes of a better future. Her generation, the first of Spaniards born in the New World, Maria lived a life both harsh and troubled. Amidst the nobility of New Spain, Maria was a poor peasant child and held onto her Catholic faith as a tool to overcome her disparaging poverty. Much of her life was spent in the many Catholic Churches built in the colonial city.

Her faith led Maria to join the convent at twelve years old. For a few years, she spent her time studying her faith. As with all things, this did not last. At fifteen, when Maria had come of age, pretty little Maria became the idol of a Spanish noble who bribed the Mother Superior for her hand in marriage. This was against everything Maria had hoped her life would be. Maria wanted nothing more than to find her calling within the one stability in her life: her faith. Perhaps fortunately, this was the same time that she came under the eyes of the Cainite known as Marcellus Rufus. An idealist turned stoic, Marcellus Rufus had come to the New World in hopes that perhaps the “change in scenery” would offer a better world. In a way, his search brought him to Maria, the pious child of only fourteen. A former Roman Legionnaire who had strived to forge a better world, Marcellus saw the spark of his old idealism in Maria. On the night that would have been her wedding, Marcellus stole Maria from the convent and offered her a choice: freedom or the prison being forced upon her.

Maria chose freedom.

Current Era
While Marcellus would never tell the girl that the whole scenario had been his own machinations (as he refused to even believe so himself), he took Maria in as his Childe and, for decades, devoted himself to her tutelage. Her piety preserved, Maria showed her sire all that he had hoped for: a certain determination and righteousness that he long lost in the Long Night. He introduced her to the Sabbat, the ideals it espoused. That combined with her zealous nature, Maria thrived in her unlife, fighting all that would destroy the life she had come to embrace.

The Sabbat Inquisition, of course, also saw the zeal in Maria Sandoza, the forever pious fifteen year old. It was here, naturally, that she belonged; zealous, pure, and pious Maria was born for the Inquisition.

She thrived there, too. Having never committed diablerie and obsessed with purity, Maria Sandoza rode through the ranks of the Inquisition faster than any had ever seen, eventually rising to the enviable position of Grand Inquisitor and leader of the Inquisition.


Sire:Marcellus Rufus

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Physical description:
Maria Sandoza, embraced at fifteen years old, is eerily beautiful. Her round face looks almost innocent with her delicate features, large blue-green eyes, and face framed with long black (as black as the blackest night) curls. She is petite, despite her station but most know to fear her small form than to question the small woman’s role within the Sabbat, as her small frame hides a great power.

Most Catholic Cainites also tend to relate her to Joan of Arc. The analogy is apt, as Maria models herself after the martyr. While she had, at one time, dressed in knightly armor, modern nights finds Maria in clothing flattering yet modest, often opting for clothing of either practical nature (she still maintains a set of medieval battle armor) or, for when she absolutely has to present herself in formal attire, robes of either red (as necessary for her role as an Inquisitor or blue/black for her personal attire).

OWBN History

  • In 2010 Maria Sandoza publicly cleared Dominique Toraine of heresy.
  • In 2013 Maria Sandoza was present at the 2013 Ecumenical Council

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Faction: Inquisition
Whereabouts: Mexico City
R&U: Coordinator
Controlling Coordinator:

  • This Character is a NPC for OWbN Sabbat.
  • Portraying Coordinator: Sabbat Coordinator
  • Also been portrayed by: Joan Mergillano
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AKA: Saint Maria, Her Lady Maria Sandoza, Maria the Bulldozer

Clan: Lasombra
Year Embraced: 1600s AD
Generation: 6th
Path: Honorable Accord 5

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: The Saints of Nod
Faction: Inquisition
Position: Grand Inquisitor

Status: (19)

Initiated, Feared,
Confirmed, Feared,
Ominous, Supreme,
Devout, Enlightened,
Favored (by the Regent), Loyal
Respected, Supported (by the Regent)
Battle Scarred, Blooded
Martial, Undefeated
Charred, Feared

Nights of Prophecy
Montreal by Night

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