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<center>'''''Disclaimer:''' [ Some materials copyright and trademarked by CCP HF.]''</center>
<center>'''''Disclaimer:''' [ Some materials copyright and trademarked by CCP hf.]''</center>

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The OWbN Sabbat Wiki

One World By Night
OWbN Sabbat

About The Wiki

This Wiki does not exist In-Character. It represents the information a Character would be able to get on other Characters using basic Sabbat Lore and Politics. All information you find here is fair game for In-Character use -- so only post information you want known about your Character by your worst enemy! Please note that this information, as "public knowledge," may include charades, diversions, or rumors of varying validity. Just because everyone thinks something is true, that doesn't mean they can't be mistaken...

Read the Rules of the Wiki! Breaking them could lead to punishment, such as (but not limited to) being banned from the Wiki.

Apply Here

Approval should be about 3 days or less. The Admin keeps "Office Hours" of 9 till 5. If you have a question simply e-mail the Wiki Admin or the Coord Team and one of us will attempt to help you.

Coordinators: it will likely be easier for you to simply apply and list "Other" as your Home Chronicle and your Coord office.

Disclaimer: Some materials copyright and trademarked by CCP hf.
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