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Clan Panders
Sect Position Archbishop (Maybe???)
Pack Position Ductus
Status 7 + ?
Domain Nomadic
Pack The Brass Ring
Path Caine •••••
Faction The Pander Movement
Faction Importance National
Player Pip



Lex ministering to a student

Alias(es): Luther, Tycho

Real Name: ???

Apparent Age: Varies

Concept: Dark Monk

Physical description: Varies, as he often uses vicissitude and modifies his manner of dress to meet his present needs. When on the road with his pack mates, his manner of dress is typically black cargo pants, a simple t-shirt and a well worn motorcycle jacket adorned with his pack's trademark brass ring. Regardless of his appearance his voice carries the melodic quality of a trained orator and he exudes the commanding presence of a leader despite being clearly path dead.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status Reputational Status Faction Importance
  • Initiated
  • Feared
  •  ?
  • Adept at Ritae [according to Regent Bistri]
  • Enriched
  • Gifted
  • Ordained
  • Sanctified [Noddist]
  • National

Character Information

Known History

Lex is a founding member of the Brass Ring and their spiritual leader. Like the rest of his packmates he is an accomplished Fire Dancer. For most of his unlife he has been a nomadic member of the Sabbat. The one notable exception to that was a period of 2002 to 2005 when the Brass Ring became a founded pack in the Mid-Atlantic. During this time Lex fought the stigma of being a Pander to claim the dioceses of Easton. From this position he and his packmates planned raids and operations throughout the region, which culminated in the siege of the Delmarva peninsula by the Sabbat. Rather then claiming the Archdiocese of the Delmarva, Lex and the entire Brass Ring simply returned to the road. To this day, he and the rest of his pack are still nomads. They often make appearances at the Auctoritas high holidays, across North America, typically participating in the passion plays, leading ritae for their fellow nomads or at the fire dance.

In early 2013 rumors began to circulate that Lex was brought into the ranks of the Priscus. These rumors seemed to be quashed in early 2014 when the Consistory pronouncement that Panders could hold no positions greater then Bishop. However, at the 2014 Ecumenical Counsel along with Joseph Pander, Lex helped broker the Sao Paulo Accord, between the Panders, Lasombra and Tzimisce thus reasserting the right of Panders to hold any position within the sect. The actions of Moncada at this counsel kicked off the 4th Sabbat Civil War. Following the turmoil of the Sabbat's 4th Civil War, Lex's title within the sect seemed to have been resolved by the Montreal Accord, which acknowledged him as an Archbishop, but the role of a nomad with that title still remains unanswered. With the vacancy of the Cardinal of Nomads, he seems to have stopped making any claims of being an Archbishop.


The Brass Ring, which is a member pack of the nomadic band the Enochian Ring.


Deceased Allies




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