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Clan Panders
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Status 10
Domain Madison, WI
Pack Sons of Caine, MC
Path Orion •••
Faction The Pander Movement
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Player Jimmy
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Sons of Caine Patch.jpg

Lewis, 1%er
Lewis, the Ultimate Pander
Lewis, Apex Predator

Real Name:
Probably not Lewis

Apparent Age:
Late 20's, early 30's

Predator Savant
Stupid Pander
Apex Predator
Social Justice Pander

Physical description:
A rough exterior with a large frame coupled with an open-mouthed expression locked in a perpetual scowl. Lewis favors dark clothing with a hat or bandana of some sort, and as a member of the Sabbat's preeminent MC Pack, Lewis is never seen without his kutte.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Lewis is an obtuse Pander known for his twisted understanding of the Cainite condition and dedication to becoming the ultimate predator. With the conviction of a zealot coupled with the intellect of a high school drop-out, Lewis pursues his aim of being the best soldier he can be in service to the Sword of Caine, and has had great success in both siege warfare and as a hunter/tracker.

Lewis is the Sergent-at-Arms of the Sons of Caine MC, a pack constructed around the tenets and practices of an outlaw MC, or motorcycle club, and is known for his knack for mechanical engineering.

Known History

Lewis was embraced in 2010 as part of a large group of shovelheads to kick off the Sabbat's landfall in South-Central Wisconsin. A handful since the embrace, Lewis escaped the pack that embraced him and led them on a chase through the city. By the time he was recovered, his pack noted with some degree of pride that the young embracee had already amassed a respectable body count.

As the urgency of the Sabbat's war against the Camarilla demanded the pack's immediate attention, Lewis's Cainite education was neglected in favor of martial training, and he was provided with only a cliff notes version of how to get by. Lacking a proper tutor, Lewis pieced together his understanding of kindred existence from a mixture of Sabbat propaganda and Animal Planet. Numerous attempts to re-educate him have been met with resistance, as Lewis has some very deeply ingrained misconceptions about the Cainite condition.

"Lewis's Well" - writing on a sign adjacent to Lewis's Well

Since joining the Sabbat, Lewis has become a founding member of The Sons of Caine, MC. Lewis has demonstrated an affinity with a higher than usual number of disciplines, and has been recognized for his blind and often suicidal aggression in service to the Sword of Caine.

In September of 2011, Lewis participated in the completion of the Wild Hunt against former Bishop Emanuel Claude, and had the honor of being the one to cast him into the flames. Lewis has since taken part in the defenses of Madison, Palatka, and Detroit, and the siege on Chorazin, and has plans to go Manticore hunting in the near future.

Currently, Lewis divides his time between Madison, and a Sabbat outpost on the outskirts of Chicago where Lewis is known is the owner, proprietor, and protector of 'Lewis's Well', believed to be a portal directly into the Abyss. Lewis is known to deny access to Lewis's Well to any who are not either (according to him) "Well-certified", or bearing written authorization from Joseph Pander, much to the chagrin of the local Lasombra.

On the evening of December 23rd, 2012, Lewis was asked by one of Cardinal Radu Bistri's paladins who his second favorite member of the Sabbat was after Joseph Pander. Still not entirely sure if Vinny 1%er was alive, Lewis answered that the Cardinal was his second favorite. Lewis was then offered a position on the Cardinal's staff, which he gladly accepted.


The Sons of Caine, MC


Vinny 1%er
Johnny Hatchet
Priscus Archer
Priscus Joseph Pander
Priscus Isabella Flores
RegentRadu Bistri
Paladin Pharoah


Inferior predators


One of several people who added their blood to the chalice


Lewis has participated in creation rites multiple times, siring many childer scattered throughout the country who belonged to MC's patched over by the Sons.


Numerous other shovelheads

Character Inspirations

Jayne from Firefly/Serenity
Bender from Futurama
Sancho Panza from Don Quixote




On being a Pander

Regarding the Sabbat

Lewis's Well

Hobbies and Interests

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