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Clan Lasombra
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Status 8
Domain Decatur, IL
Pack The Watchers
Path Humanity ••••
Faction Order of St. Blaise
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Player Morgan Thomas
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Larke Armitage SML.png

Monsignor Larke, Sister Larke, Hermana Larke, Sister or Hermana Armitage

Nick Names/Titles:
The Light in the Darkness, The Little Bird, The Lonely Bird, Mama Lasombra, Lamombra, Mama

Real Name: N/A

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Concept: Demon Hunter and Exorcist

Physical description: Larke is a thin, 5'7" and 120 lbs. Her hair is almost black and down her back when left uncovered by the habit. Her skin is dusky from South American heritage. Her eyes are a vibrant glowing white. She seems delicate and mild mannered, with a soft smile. She prefers the white habit to the black, but has been seen wearing formal wear. She will normally wear black sunglasses and carry a walking cane in mortal public to hide the glow of her eyes. There is a gold chain that she wears about her hips, the end dangling at her feet, that seems to be a signature to her garments.

When in her presence there is a strange aura of power that attracts the attention of those nearby. It seems almost mystical and positive. Not always a good thing in Cainite society.

Detailed Status:

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Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Known History

She was raised in a missionary in Bolivia. During this time, the young orphan learned to survive. There isn't much more information than this. She was Embraced by Sister Adriana Luz, year as of now unknown. She was accepted into the Sister's Pack, known as Sabbatum (The Final Day), comprised of several elder Cainites, including His Excellency Seth Obertus. Updates shall be posted as details are gathered.

In 2011, Sabbatum and several other Packs in the area were systematically attacked by Infernal Cainites and other creatures. One night led to full war against a Demon in the flesh. It was Larke, in an almost mystic fugue state, that was able to trap the Demon with its own name and sigil, and send it back to Hell. She claims to have no memory of doing so, but her almost Joan of Arc fervor against Infernal and Demonic foes have earned her her Initiated and Proven status as True Sabbat, as well as Consecrated for dispelling the Demon. Unfortunately, most of the Sabbatum have met Final Death at the power of this Demonic threat and have disbanded.

Larke followed various troupes of Hunters in hope to find more Demonic foes to face. Her most recent exodus led her to Decatur, IL and the discovery of a Demon as powerful as a Methuseleh (rivaling Moloch). She organized the attack that finally sent the Demon back to Hell.

January 7, 2012 - As Luther (Bratovich) Black is Feared, so Monsignor Larke Armitage is Zealous for her unwavering pursuit against the Infernal threat.

Larke's sights are now set on the Patron of Moloch, believing facing him is her fate. She is actively trying to have the Treaty of Fire revisited and attaining allies of various species and nature in which to do so. She believes Moloch is still active...

July 24, 2012 - As Priscus Vice Chancellor Montenegro is rightfully Feared, Larke is Protected.


The Watchers


(Former Pack) Sister Adriana Luz, Archbishop Seth Obertus, Joachin Adelmo (Ghoul)

Pack: Engineers Caius Marius, Silver, "Bon Chance" Louis Trevaliet

Pack: Sojourners ((Now part of The Watchers))

Several Members of the Crimson Hand, including Felivi of Clan Malkavian (not listed)

Leo Obertus (Deceased: Monomacy)

Rosa (Deceased: Heresy)

Selene (Deceased: Ritual Suicide)

Patrick Swayne (Koldun)

Various Nomads and Independents

Rev. Patrick Murgos

Damek Volos (Koldun)


Tennison Gray

Earthbound Demons

Umbral demonic threats

Malicious Fallen Demons


Sister Adriana Luz





Character Inspirations

Demon: the Fallen, the Nag Hamadi Library, my parents, my friend Rossana from Catholic school, and my wonderful Muse of a fiance. Larke is an amalgam of characters formerly played in other games mashed into one terrifying package.


Further updates later...


Templar Samuel Vanzant: We are like this.

Larke: No, we are not.

Marcus Brewer: You may not be useless after all... (turns to members of the Engineers) How is it she hasn't been burned yet?

Caius: If she bleeds on my marble floors again, I'll think about it.

Larke: Oh, I am sorry! When the Angels speak, I have no control in what I do.

Caius: Would you like a pencil next time?

Selene: Yes, of course.

Larke: The Society of Leopold are the Black Hand of Hunters.

Selene and The Engineers: (jaw drop)

Inquisitor Calypso: That would only spread it's power.

Larke: No, It's True name is our greatest weapon.

Archbishop Ethan: That is a direct contradiction to what Montreal is telling us.

Larke: This isn't anything you have ever faced before. This isn't some Umbral spirit pretending to be a Demon, this is a three-fold Earthbound! We need that Name!

(Archbishop Ethan and Calypso exchange glances.)

Reverend Patrick Murgos: Live.

Larke: (shakes her head) It means this is not over yet...


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